All about signature stamps as about the largest birds

All about signature stamps as about the largest birds

Signature stamps are the biggest birds of prey. Their second name – deathbirds. Are widespread almost worldwide, except Australia and Antarctica. As these birds prefer warm climate, the lion's share of signature stamps lives in the territory of the African continent.


1. According to zoological classification, signature stamps are non-uniform group of birds of prey. The fact is that it is formed by representatives of two families: hawk (signature stamps of the Old World) and the American signature stamps belonging to the New World. The signature stamps belonging to the first family contain in own way 15 bird species, and representatives of the New World contain only 5 types. Scientists say that both families do not consist among themselves in close relationship, however are externally very similar with each other. The immediate family of signature stamps of the Old World are Egyptian vultures and bearded men, and representatives of family of the American signature stamps it is similar to condors.

2. Birds of prey of signature stamps it is possible to call conditionally. The fact is that these feathery creations seldom eat live meat (attack live animals), and it is more and more – drop (corpses of animals). Attack of signature stamps on living beings can be observed only during painful hunger of these birds, but even at this time predators choose the weakest or sick animals. In general, dead mammals, reptiles and fishes and also corpses of other birds enter a food allowance of signature stamps. It is curious that the menu of the deathbirds living in India include also bodies of people who, according to custom, after death are dumped to the Ganges River.

3. The appearance of signature stamps, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired: these are unattractive birds. Their necks long and absolutely naked, and beak huge and hook-shaped. Signature stamps possess the big and wide wings which are rounded off at the edges. Have very rigid step tail. Paws at these birds strong, and fingers weak, supplied with short and stupid claws. The smallest representative of this bird species is the American black katarta: length of her body reaches no more than 60 cm, and weight – no more than 1.9 kg. One of the largest signature stamps the African big-eared signature stamp having wingspan to 3 m and weighing up to 14 kg is considered now. Big-eared, gray, brown and bald signature stamps are considered as the most known deathbirds, and their most noble relative – a grebnevy signature stamp.

4. Signature stamps are mobile and quick birds. They move short and fast paces on the ground, and fly well, but slowly. Are able to rise by big heights. Sight at these predators remarkable therefore they easily track down drop even from huge heights. However these birds have also minuses: for entire happiness is not enough for them it is sensitive ingenuity. Besides, these predators are imprudent, shy, irritable, quick-tempered and also are arrogant and quite often very coward. However such character does not prevent them to be the most furious of all birds of prey.

5. Life of signature stamps, generally passes in wanderings: the most part of year they fly from one place to another, and then suddenly appear in a large number where before them never was. While some types of signature stamps try to avoid the person, others nearly on foot walk up and down on settlement and city streets. These birds twist the nests on unapproachable rocks or in dense forests. Their baby birds hatch absolutely helpless. To independent life the kids of signature stamps become ready only in several months after birth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team