All about turtles: as to support them

All about turtles: as to support them

As for contents, a turtle – one of the most unpretentious pets. Having due knowledge, the child can even quite cope with keeping of this reptile.

Despite the exotic appearance, turtles were among the most "comfortable" pets for the person long ago. These beings are sluggish, a lot of attention to themselves do not require, do not bark and do not mew, take not enough place and a half of the life are in a condition of a dream. However nevertheless, there are certain nuances of which everyone who decided to get a turtle as the pet should have an idea.

The place where there lives a turtleThe best place for dwelling of a turtle in the conditions of the city apartment, is, of course, the glass terrarium. The sizes of the dwelling are directly proportional to the sizes of its inhabitant – the more an animal, the more it is necessary to get a terrarium. The ideal option is when the sizes of walls of a terrarium exceed tortoise shell length approximately five times. When keeping a turtle it is necessary to observe temperature condition, especially when she is awake – from spring to fall. If for heating of a terrarium of heat in the house it is not enough, it is possible to use an electric lamp, having fixed it over turtle "lodge". If finance does not allow to get a good and spacious terrarium, then it is quite possible to manage a plastic box. Important: turtles though conduct an inactive way of life, but nevertheless at them on paws and on the lower part of an armor rather large amount of dirt collects over time. These places need to be cleaned by means of a toothbrush with a soft bristle.


Turtles like to eat well and prefer generally fresh vegetable food: cabbage, lettuce leaves, carrot, cucumbers, tomatoes. They are not indifferent and to the menu from various grassy plants: plantain, dandelion, coltsfoot, orach and others. From time to time it is possible to give to a turtle the hard-boiled egg, it is a little fish and a dried sea cabbage. To meat, that species of turtles which can be supported in quality of pets is absolutely indifferent.

Dream mode

Closer to the middle of fall, in behavior of the favourite reptile it is possible to notice some changes, namely – decrease of the activity and appetite. It demonstrates that the turtle soon has to fall into hibernation. To create comfortable conditions for hibernation, it is necessary to move a terrarium to more cool place. Ideal temperature for a turtle wintering – from 0 to 12 degrees. In the middle of April the turtle can begin to be awoken. For this purpose it is necessary to return a terrarium into place and again to include a lamp for a warming up. Soon the pet will wake up and will remember that he ate nothing long ago.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team