American cocker spaniel: leaving

American cocker spaniel: leaving

The American cocker spaniel is one of the most beautiful hunting breeds. Special to become in movements, the elegant exterior and magnificent wool make him the true king on an exhibition ring.

The American cocker spaniel is rather young breed. It is considered that his immediate ancestors are the English spaniels. But, according to most of researchers-dog handlers, small thickset hunting dogs with long ears, similar to an American cocker spaniel, lived in Ancient Greece, and already from there they got on the territory of Iberia (modern Spain). Character of dogs of this breed very friendly, appeasable. Soft animals, good-natured and practically do not bring any problems to the owner in respect of leaving and education.

Leaving and maintenance

Wool at this dog soft, silky and very nice on the touch, but only in case regular care – bathing and combing is provided to it.

In the summer of an American cocker spaniel bathe with frequency of times a week, in the winter – every two weeks, and with special professional shampoo and it is obligatory in warm water. The most thorough leaving is demanded by exhibition cockers therefore it is required to time for them more. After bathing it is necessary not only to wipe a dog with a soft towel, but also to dry by means of the hair dryer.

Except washing, hair of dogs of this breed needs a hairstyle. Surely depilate in ears and behind them, paws as too long wool will simply disturb them. In fiber armpits very soft and often roll down, forming so-called koltuna therefore they are deleted too or just shorten. The American cocker spaniel is very active dog, and he needs to spend much time in the fresh air. It is desirable not just to drive a dog on a lead around, but also to play with her, to throw her a stick or a ball, that is walks have to be the most active. And the pet with pleasure will run, jump because the most great happiness for a cocker - it is near the owner and to be engaged in something with it together.


Energy needs of an adult dog depend on her way of life, climatic conditions and individual predisposition. American cocker spaniels never refuse food and are the real virtuosos in respect of begging. It is very difficult for many owners to refuse, not to believe the begging pet's look, but it is not necessary to feed dogs of this breed without restriction at all, to give something over a diet, to treat with tidbits and the remains from a table as it can lead to emergence of extra kilos. For good development and good health both the puppy, and an adult dog, except meat, need to include products of plant origin and milk in a food allowance. But it is the best of all to feed them with ready-made dog feeds for American cocker spaniels or just for spaniels. As prevention from intestinal parasites once a week it is recommended to add greens and small cut garlic to a forage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team