Animals with unique skills

Animals with unique skills

Animals by the nature are unique. But many of them have such surprising skills which not just surprise, and cause admiration.

Eagle. The good sight is inherent in all birds of prey. Eagle is allocated with very acute eyesight which is nearly 4 times more powerful than human. At this bird a big pupil, it allows to minimize light refraction. On an eye of an eagle there are special outgrowths which protect it from sunlight.

Puma. It is possible to call her by rather terrible predator. This cat possesses not only huge force, but also can gather the improbable speed of run. The puma is allocated with powerful hinder legs which well are suitable for big jumps. From a standing position this animal can jump up on height about 5 meters. And if she jumps from running start, height of a jump can reach 12 meters.

Sharks. The shark has special receptors which are located on the head thanks to what skin becomes sensitive to electric impulses. If near a shark the fish who the movements develops impulses floats, these impulses overcome thickness of water and get on receptors of a shark. Thus, the shark learns a location of the victim and can unmistakably attack it.

Cheetah. Speed of a cheetah is equal 110 kilometers per hour. This is the fastest cat on the planet. The backbone of cheetahs is bent and unbent that allows to gather such speed. But the cheetah should pay for it in endurance. With such speed the predator can run behind the victim no more than 10-20 seconds, otherwise muscles of a cheetah overheat.

Humming-bird. The humming-bird is one of the most beautiful birds. Wings of a humming-bird very flexible, in one second she does 80 waves by wings. The humming-bird can fly back, forward, headfirst, back to front. This is the only bird in the world who is allocated with such abilities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team