Aquarium fishes: compatibility of types

Aquarium fishes: compatibility of types

In maintenance and cultivation of aquarium fishes there are special subtleties and nuances. Everyone who is going to bring to himself new "pets" - aquarium fishes has to know it. Knowledge of what decorative small fishes eat, will be insufficiently. The huge role in the content of these creations is played by compatibility of their types.

Compatibility of aquarium fishes on Wednesday their dwellings

It is, perhaps, one of the most important aspects of the correct and healthy keeping of small fishes in house conditions. It is important to know that only in saltish or only in fresh water there can be not all fishes, but most of them nevertheless prefer fresh water: goldfishes, guppy, cockerels, pink danio, etc. By the way, here it is necessary to carry also the certain temperature condition which is optimum for any given fishes.

Compatibility of aquarium fishes on their temperament

It is one more important criterion of the amicable neighbourhood. It is impossible to contain in one aquarium of fighters and peace small fishes at all. Otherwise the first will just destroy the second. For example, Siamese fighting small fishes (or cockerels) are fighters by nature. If they start heavy fighting among themselves, then about their neighbourhood with quiet species of fish in general and the speech cannot be! It is curious that it is not even recommended to keep two cockerels males as one of them will surely die in a fierce fight in one aquarium.

Compatibility of aquarium fishes: predators – threat for peace fishes!

Predatory small fishes are not neighbors peace! The fact is that these types prefer to eat a live forage therefore can easily attack those small fishes who eat the dried larvae of insects, plankton, etc. The only case when predatory small fishes do not attack peace, is the big sizes of the second. But the predator should most grow in the sizes as he immediately will prefer to regale on the peace neighbors. In this case it is necessary or to divide an aquarium opaque glass, or to transplant fishes in separate tanks.

Compatibility of aquarium fishes by their sizes

It is not recommended to place small and large species of fish in one aquarium. In this case small fishes will begin to feel essential discomfort. Besides, the difference in their sizes will constantly affect quantity of the forage eaten by any given species of fish: small inhabitants of an aquarium will always get only remains whereas large species of fish eat big tidbits. This rule should follow and when there is a need for cultivation of fishes of the same look: it is necessary to support whenever possible together only individuals about one age and volume. Skilled aquarians note that it is the best of all to breed small and gregarious fishes. The fact is that these small fishes are unpretentious, very beautiful and also are available at the price. They do not demand big forces and expenses in the leaving. The brightest among them are the following small fishes: guppy, barbusa, striped danio, pitsiliya, sword-bearers, mollineziya. However even there is the rule here: whitebaits should be held separately from adult generation. In an aquarium to adult individuals they should be let out when they grow up.

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