As animals help each other

As animals help each other

People are inclined to consider that the altruism is a human invention. However sometimes animals can surprise with the acts mankind. Being guided by instincts, they are capable to make what the person would characterize as the help to the neighbor.


1. Most often animals render each other mutually advantageous services. The relations of cancer hermit and actinium can serve as an example of such symbiosis. The poisonous polyp settles on a sink and frightens off from the friend of predators. In turn, cancer, moving, transports also to actinium, thereby providing it a variety of food. When cancer decides to move from an old sink in new, he carefully replaces also the poisonous friend.

2. Sometimes animals help foreign cubs who got into trouble. The feeding female can adopt as the tribesman whose mother died, and the representative of other look at all. Employees of zoos used the peaceful mothers who recently got posterity more than once to bring up rare cubs. Dogs can raise warthogs, and sheep – panda cubs. Situations when the cat who lost kittens begins to be engaged in education of puppies are frequent. Even book Mowgli is not an invention of the author at all. Cases when wolves grew up human kids, really met in the history.

3. Tribespeople take care about each other far more often, than loner types. Of course, are not rare in packs and a situation when the grown old leader is killed by young individuals with the purpose to take his place. However if the policy is not mixed in the relations, animals can be very generous – for example, to feed sick relatives. The staff of the African national park found once a young lion who got into a trap of poachers, being still a kid. Its pack brought all this time to unfortunate I go.

4. The behavior of animals during natural disasters can also be surprising – absolutely different types of animals can help each other, being saved from death. The monkey can take out on hands from fire a dog, the cat – to pull out from the flooded house not only the, but also neighbour's kittens. Even the conflicting types minutes of danger do not reflect on a nourishing lunch, and help to survive each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team