As animals help plants

As animals help plants

Animal and flora is harmoniously connected among themselves. Any processes happening among animals steadily influence development of plants and vice versa. And if all animals on our planet suddenly disappear, also plants will die after a while, the first help to exist the second from emergence of life on Earth.


1. First of all, the help of animals consists in processing of the organic compounds created by plants. Through other links in a food chain they transfer them to inorganic substances at the expense of which plants can create organic matter again and again. Thanks to it there is a natural circulation in the nature. That is why underestimation of value of animals for plants often brings to irreversible changes in natural biocomplexes.

2. Also animals promote distribution of some plants. Animals and birds, for example, transfer disputes and seeds of various representatives of flora to long distances. It occurs in different ways. First, they eat fruits which seeds in a consequence get to the earth together with activity waste. Secondly, animals often just cling disputes on the wool, feathers therefore they can fall to the ground for many kilometers from the birthplace. Ants and rodents, for example, often lose kernels and nutlets, transferring them to the storerooms. Getting to the fertile field, kernels sprout over time.

3. For continuation of life of flowers the great value is played by insects. Bees, bumblebees and butterflies, for example, not only collect nectar from colors for production of honey, but also pollinate them. Such way of distribution is especially important for bushes and flowers which are not pollinated by wind.

4. Certain representatives of fauna loosen the soil and fertilize it products of the activity. Thanks to it plants grow much better and more plentifully. Such benefit is brought by worms, ants, various small rodents.

5. Animals also support a strict ratio of some plants in relation to others that promotes maintaining natural balance. It reaches because each species of animals eats a certain plant species. If to break this balance, many plants can just disappear from the face of the earth, and with them – and those animals who ate them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team