As animals influence the person

As animals influence the person

People know about positive influence of animals still for a long time. Ancient Egyptians idolized cats, including them not only the wisest animals, but also animals doctors. Christians represented the Saints together with dogs who were capable to influence, according to them, the person the biopower field and to neutralize negative thoughts and feelings. Influence of animals on the person is called zootherapy.


1. Therapy in interaction with dogs is called a kanisterapiya. Communication with dogs is useful for children with an arrest of development, a Down syndrome, a cerebral palsy. Dogs are friendly, sociable, kind. Communicating with them, sick children forget for a while about pain, get attention necessary for them, psychological support. At continuous contacts with dogs the adult will be less subject to a depression, fatigue, apathy. The dog can become the true and loyal friend to the lonely person. Care for a dog is not so difficult therefore to have such friend of the family - true happiness.

2. Felinoterapiya - therapy which is rendered to the person of a cat. It is especially useful to communicate with cats to people with mental diseases, with heart troubles. Cats can help at depressions, neurosises and manias. It is known that they like to lay down on a sore point on a human body. You should not banish a cat from yourself as the power of an animal is capable to bring big benefit to an organism. Artless caress and purring of a cat are capable to calm, weaken and even to help quicker to fall asleep. Besides these pluses, to any house the cat will bring a cosiness and tranquility.

3. Dolphin therapy is useful to the people who suffered mental shocks and injuries. Dolphins love society of people and are capable to define, the person is sick or healthy, making certain sounds at contact with it. Sharing the bio-energetics with people, dolphins after contact with them, need rest. Dolphin therapy is carried out in the special centers where the prepared people knowing everything subtleties of behavior of dolphins work.

4. One more type of zootherapy - hippotherapy, in other words, riding. Driving on horses favorably affects physical development: the correct breath is established, the tone of a blood system raises, the muscular system becomes more active. Besides, the attention increases, memory develops. Hippotherapy is useful to children with a cerebral palsy, an arrest of development, epilepsy. Communication with horses and care for them is loaded with cheerfulness, saved from bad mood, give a positive spirit for perception of reality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team