As animals perceive the world

As animals perceive the world

Not many think how animals perceive the world around. And meanwhile scientific research found a set of the interesting facts. There is, at cats, dogs, monkeys, etc., at each of animals the option of perception of the world.


1. Cats perfectly see and are guided in night-time. During this period their pupils considerably extend, having a diameter of 12-14 millimeters. It should be noted that at the person diameter of a pupil, as a rule, does not exceed 8 millimeters. Therefore it is required to a cat much less light without effort to distinguish other animals and objects. In addition, eyes of a cat have the special building. In their depth, behind a retina, there is a special reflecting layer. It rejects light which gets to a cat into eyes. In the summer when everything is filled in with bright light, their pupils are narrowed. Such phenomenon can do much harm to a sensitive retina of an eye.

2. The world of a cat looks pale and faded. It is explained by the following fact. The person in an eye has two types of photosensitive cages: flasks and sticks. Flasks perceive color. Sticks are distinguished light and dark. At cats also two types of cages. Only the person on one flask has four sticks, and for a cat – twenty five. For this reason they see colors worse us.

3. Dogs excellently see ultraviolet rays. In addition, violet and blue color is available to their eye. It is necessary to know that the visual acuity is connected also with how well eyes can make out objects which are located at different distance. This property is called accommodation. At the person, as well as at many mammals, the curvature of a crystalline lens changes. The dog has no such feature.

4. Monkeys easily distinguish green and red tone. This feature allows them to distinguish ripe fruits well. In the African forests the scientists observed what leaves monkeys eat. They usually chose the nutritious, gentle and young leaves painted in a reddish shade.

5. Birds of prey are able to see ultra-violet light well. It perfectly helps them to find production. The sight of birds is delightful. For example, the kite from big height is capable to notice a little mouse who hid on the earth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team