As animals talk

As animals talk

The opinion is standard that animals are not able to tell as it is done by people. But that they can make various sounds, knows everyone. How representatives of fauna communicate among themselves?


1. Different types of birds are not just chirped, having something in common with each other. They talk, share joy, warn about danger, show alarm. The bat is also capable by means of the given ultrasound, indiscernible a human ear, to communicate with the relatives. If the situation of that demands, the bat makes obvious sounds which are characteristic only to representatives of winged webby animals.

2. The bee talks to relatives by bee dance and allocation of special pheromones. Bees have and at other insects inimitable signals which they exchange with each other – a topotaniye legs pads, a potiraniye of stomachs, vibrating by mustache. The cuttlefish changes the color when wants to tell something to the fellows or those who see her.

3. Attendees will hear lion's roar all around. Thus the lion expresses that he is in the territory and will not tolerate in it enemies or strangers. The same as the owner of the herd, blows the leader of elephants. To make aggressive sounds, he lifts a trunk and blows as in a pipe in it air.

4. During the marriage period it is possible to hear as storks, pigeons, herons, and black grouses, nightingales exchange words among themselves, crickets publish special roulades for attraction of females to themselves. By the way, the singing and a chirr groups of insects and birds often not only call up the self-check, but also warn that the territory is occupied that they are ready to battle for the female.

5. People got used to think that some representatives of fauna, well familiar since childhood, make identical sounds, but it not so. For example, hens and roosters can publish up to 15 various sounds which are meant by different things, toads and frogs - to 5, a domestic pig - up to 25, crows - even up to 290, representatives of a monkey sort - up to 40. Dolphins can make 30 various sounds, foxes - 35, rooks - up to 130. And these sounds can mean in various time desire of an animal to copulate, eat, a misfortune, give his aggression, alarm and other.

6. Scientists elicited a number of the facts that animals anyway express the desires. The sounds made by various animals who does not catch a human ear could catch highly sensitive devices. It is not possible to translate "words" of fauna yet. But clearly one that individuals of any given species of animals fully communicate among themselves.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team