As aquarian dolphins look

As aquarian dolphins look

Blue dolphins are the aquarium fishes belonging to quite various and widespread group tsikhlid. Tsikhlida live in the rivers and lakes of a tropical belt, namely, in Central and South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The total number of types is very considerable - about 2000. The sizes of representatives of family fluctuate ranging from 2.5 cm up to 1 m. Some types have trade value, others – meet very seldom and are not even described yet. Is also such that are on the verge of disappearance.

Blue dolphinBlue aquarian dolphin - more exact name Tsirtokara Muri – one of representatives of family tsikhlid. The homeland of a blue dolphin is the African Lake Malawi. It quite shallow also has a sandy bottom.

Males of dolphins very much territorialna and disputes for leadership at them not a rarity. The aquarium more than 200 l with a sandy bottom and various shelters is necessary for their contents. Has to fall on one male not less 2nd self-check.

The aquarian dolphin has the high, extended, flattened on each side body. Back and anal fins long and rigid, chest and belly – thin and short. The tail has the two-blade building. In nature males can grow to 25 cm. Aquarian representatives are males about 20, samochka of 17-19 cm more small.

Young dolphins have silver-blue coloring of a trunk, dark strips on each side and the same spots in the basis of a tail and on a trunk. It is impossible to distinguish males from females at this age. The adult male gets velvety-blue coloring. Both males, and females have a fat outgrowth on the head which makes them similar to a dolphin. Besides, the small fish has big eyes and lips. Males are usually larger and brighter, have from 4 to 7 dark vertical strips on a side part of a trunk. Tail fin of blue color. Females more small. Instead of strips they can have two dark stains on a body. The tail fin is covered with reddish dots. Blue dolphins reach puberty by 9-10 months. The ability to breed is kept to 7-8-year age. During spawning the outgrowth on a forehead of a male gains yellow-gray color. In general blue dolphins live up to 15 years. In nature blue dolphins form packs in which females prevail. The dominant position is held by one of males. To strengthen the status of the leader, he starts skirmishes with other males. However, serious injuries they each other do not do. In general Tsirtokara Muri is a peace small fish, and easily gets on with other not aggressive Malawian types.

And there is a little more interestingAquarians appreciate tsikhlid their bright color. Interest is attracted also by behavior of these fishes during reproduction. Some aquarians prefer to grow up whitebaits in an incubator.

The female throws caviar on previously cleaned surface of a stone or in a pole which the male digs in soil. She bears the impregnated berries in a mouth. All this time - 21 days – the female does not eat, as a result loses forces.

Berries are taken from a mouth of a female and placed in separate capacity. For normal development of "dolphin posterity" it is necessary to provide soft illumination and availability of fresh flowing water in an incubator. The born whitebaits prefer to spend night time in a mouth at a female. Both parents protect posterity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team