As cats move

As cats move

Some animals in the world are capable to go an amble. In such gait the animal at a time walks back left and front legs, and then the right front and back legs. Camels, giraffes and domestic cats go so. And the last step only on fingers. Therefore they move almost silently and imperceptibly for people around. What else strokes distinguish physiological features of gait of a cat?


1. The domestic cat on front pads has about five fingers. The fifth of them is in turn strongly shortened. So that it does not concern a floor covering when walking. Hinder legs of a cat in walking place emphasis on four fingers, and big on hinder legs is not present at all. A sole of feet at a cat rather thick. It distributes the weight of the body completely on all volume of foot. Therefore cat's gait so silent.

2. Imperceptibly also the fact that on soles of their pads there is a woolen pillow helps to pursue the aim (victim) to cats. And the cat hides the claws in folds of skin and lets out them when it needs it. Unlike its claws, the teeth of a dog are shown always therefore to the owner approach of this pet to it is heard. Approach of a cat cannot almost be heard.

3. Gait at all cats graceful, plastic, floating, as if on tiptoe. They go in a straight line as if outlined on a ruler. Zigzags the cat runs if she wants to play or have a good time thus independently.

4. If to look narrowly at gait of a cat when it goes slowly, it is possible to notice that her back part moves as a lobby. Difference only that if the forepaw of the right leg is put forward, then left is put back. From here also an impression as if the cat goes on one line is made.

5. This pet can go a slow jog trot, a simple cat's step, at danger – gallop or the dragged-out gallop. If the cat went a moderate step on snow, then it is possible to see behind her an equal line of the traces which are very reminding fox. If the cat trotted, then it is possible to notice that she almost also accurately gets a back pad to a trace of the lobby.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team