As cats react to pregnancy of the hostess and appearance of the kid

As cats react to pregnancy of the hostess and appearance of the kid

Even those women who love cats worry for the kid more. But the animal can live in the apartment where there is a small child, and it is fine to behave, without showing jealousy and even protecting the kid from others.

Many women, having learned about the situation, try to give the pet in a reliable charge. In it there is no need. Researches on influence of pets on kids which results showed that pets help children to develop skills of communication were conducted, accustom to empathy and care of relatives. But for babies they constitute danger. That the child and a cat were as it should be, it is necessary to organize correctly their communication, considering all nuances.

Any aggression

Are more loyal on the attitudes towards children of a cat from 1 year to 5 years. They are already not so active and susceptible, and at the same time, are not irritable from an old age yet. It is necessary to take character of the pet in attention before bringing the child to the house.

It is necessary to observe a cat as she reacts, having heard loud sounds. It is necessary to fray her for ears and a tail, to look fool in the face and to move in turn paws. The animal has to behave quietly. If it angered him or enraged, it is better to present after all a cat to acquaintances to save the kid.

Usually cats perceive children as the and are not angry with pranks of the child. It is good if the animal sleek-haired, exists opinion that fluffy breeds can cause allergies in the kid, or, on the contrary, strengthen immunity as the children's organism begins to develop antibodies on wool.

How to avoid infections at pregnancy?

The high probability to be infected with something by the person, but not by an animal. Communication happens to a huge number of people, and a cat of the house usually only one. Some future mothers, having heard about toxoplasmosis, hurry to get rid of the pet in any ways, without penetrating into a key part of the problem. As statistics says, about 1% of pregnant women are infected with this infection and only at everyone the disease passes with a heel to a fruit. Not to be included in this statistics, it is rather simple to pass a research and to define whether their organism is capable to resist to a disease. Cats carry an infection only through excrements. Women need to be more attentive and to protect themselves from work in a garden, and to clean a toilet of an animal only in gloves and every day. And it is better to assign to someone another this duty. It is necessary to pay attention to an animal diet that it did not eat cheese, meat, rodents. It is necessary to do to a cat vaccination. Will not prevent to give medicine for worms and to process her from fleas.

On return from maternity hospital

Emergence in the house of the kid is a stress for any animal. It is connected with the fact that life changes, there are smells and sounds, unfamiliar for a cat. It is possible in the elementary ways to minimize this stress: • To periodically apply to skin children's cream or lotion that the animal had an opportunity to get used to this smell. • Not to allow a cat to sleep on a lap, instead to accustom her to have a rest quietly at legs.· not to allow an animal to enter the children's room even before arrival from maternity hospital.· if the child sleeps with parents, the bed needs to be bought in advance that the cat got used to new furniture.· when the kid began to creep, better to remove far away cat's bowls and to feed the pet on time. At the beginning the animal can inadequately behave. That it did not occur, it is necessary to give to a cat the chance to sniff at the kid, but not to lick. It is necessary to stroke the pet on return from maternity hospital. You should not drive away constantly an animal from yourself since it will increase his jealousy. Better, let the cat watches your actions and when the kid grows up, she will perfectly get on with it.

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