As fleas on cats look

As fleas on cats look

Many owners of cats and cats mistakenly believe that the problem with infection of an animal with fleas is relevant only for owners of the pets walking on the street. Unfortunately, these annoying parasites can appear also at a domestic cat who sees the street only in a window. How in time to define that at a cat of a flea and how they look?

Those who do not love cats often call these pets "full of fleas". Fortunately, not at each cat on a body these small blood-sicking beings, but if they appear, then it becomes the real problem both for a cat, and for her owners parasitize. As look cat's fleas how to define their existence and what they are dangerous by?

What fleas at a cat and as there is infection are?

Cat's fleas represent enough noticeable wingless insects of brown color whose body is flattened. If to consider this parasite under magnifying glass, then it is possible to find out that it has three pairs of legs, the most noticeable of which is intended for jumps. At a flea rather developed oral device with which the insect with ease pierces skin of an animal before beginning to suck his blood.

The cat can independently be infected with fleas – for this purpose to a pet will be enough even second contact with a domestic cat. Powerful extremities of a flea allow it to jump easily from one animal on another, having replaced thereby the owner. The great number of fleas can be in sand or on a grass therefore the cat can be infected very quickly with them, having appeared on the street even for several minutes. Besides, people can bring accidentally home larvae of fleas on the footwear or clothes, and then the young individual is as soon as possible released from the protective cocoon and begins to eat blood of a cat.

How to understand that at a cat of a flea and why it is so important?

Quickly to get rid of the blood-sicking insects parasitizing on a body at a cat it is necessary to find their presence. If owners of a cat do not pay attention to it, then infection of an animal with one of numerous diseases and also tape worms which eggs transfer fleas is not excluded. If there is a lot of insects, then there is a danger of emergence in a cat of anemia owing to considerable blood loss. Some individuals in general can have an allergy to fleas that will lead to frenzied combing of skin before emergence of scabs and to a neurotic state. At the very beginning of infection when on a body of a cat only single copies of parasites, she periodically scratches to herself the head, a stomach and a sacrum. If owners do not pay attention to it and do not take a measure, then the livestock of parasites quickly increases and infection becomes heavier. How in due time to find out that in a cat of a flea? For this purpose at least once in a week examine an animal, dissolving in the parties wool on his back and a stomach. If on skin of a cat you see small dry crumbs of dark brown color, then it can be excrement of a flea that testifies to more or less heavy infection. In pet-shop or veterinary clinic you can consult with the expert what measures to you to take for treatment of an animal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team