As goldfishes breed

As goldfishes breed

Keeping of goldfishes requires special attention from their owner. These water inhabitants differ in quite whimsical character therefore all additional elements for an aquarium should be selected very attentively. Reproduction of goldfishes – special process. The result of this period directly depends on your patience and knowledge.


1. There is a set of types of goldfishes. For receiving good and "qualitative" posterity it is necessary to otsazhivat during spawning in separate capacity couples of fishes only of one look. Whitebaits from different parents can inherit absolutely unpredictable signs therefore little small fishes will be is problematic to be referred to any given breed.

2. Goldfishes capable become closer to reproduction by a year of life. It is possible to determine puberty of small fishes by some external changes. Females on front fins have clearly noticeable outgrowths, and tummies are rounded. Males change the behavior and try to spend much time in the company of females. Besides on gills they have light hillocks.

3. During change of goldfishes for reproduction in a separate aquarium it is necessary to pay attention to potential conditions of their dwelling. It is desirable that the situation and water temperature in it practically did not differ from the dwelling, habitual for couple. Otherwise long-awaited spawning can be delayed for a long time.

4. Process of courting at goldfishes takes place in an active form. The male tries to drive in all ways a female into the most secluded place. As soon as it occurs, he presses a female the body and waits for the beginning of postponement of caviar. Fertilization comes right after an exit of berries from a body of a female.

5. Within several hours the female can lay caviar several times. The male at such moments always is near the companion. During spawning rutting of inhabitants of an aquarium it is better not to disturb.

6. Pay attention that right after completion of process of postponement of caviar of goldfishes it is necessary to return to an old aquarium as soon as possible. Otherwise they can eat own caviar.

7. The laid caviar at first cannot almost be noticed at the bottom of an aquarium because of a transparent cover. Color begins to change in 1-2 days. Your task is to examine an aquarium constantly. As soon as you notice the location of berries, at once take them from water by means of a special net.

8. Caviar should be placed in solution of a blue methylene. This means can be found in any pet-shop or pharmacy. This substance will keep process of activity in berries. Otherwise caviar can be infected with a fungus, and all posterity will die. It is enough to process future whitebaits within several hours.

9. Whitebaits appear from berries approximately in 5 days. Goldfishes pretty fast grow, but you should control water temperature almost constantly. The optimum environment for whitebaits – 23-25 degrees.

10. It is necessary to feed whitebaits with the special sterns differing in the consistence. Food for young small fishes usually reminds dust. In 1-2 months the whitebaits will be able to eat a forage which is usually offered adult goldfishes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team