As grasshoppers make sounds

As grasshoppers make sounds

About that, how exactly the grasshopper publishes the well-known chirring, in the life everyone for certain thought. In this respect there is a lot of hypotheses, but what of them is true?

Frame and mirror

Contrary to popular belief, pads grasshoppers do not make any sounds at all. The Strekatelny device at insects of group of Orthoptera whom not only grasshoppers, but also a locust and crickets treat, by the way, is located on the top leathery pair of wings (wing sheaths). Insects publish acoustic signals by means of friction of a vein of one wing sheath (frame or a bow) about other wing sheath which is called a pocket mirror.It is interesting that at different types of Orthoptera the structure of the stridulyatsionny device variously, as allows them to remove various trills. If the frequency of blows of a vein coincides with the frequency of fluctuations of the second wing sheath, then the resonance of a sound system radiates clean sound signals. If there is no compliance, trills of an insect are heard as separate clicks. Experienced entomologists are capable to determine by chirring what insect publishes it.

Music soundsAny chirring by grasshoppers is made not just for entertainment, and with a definite purpose. Most often males thus attract females. But scientists managed to find out that various structure of wing sheaths is caused not only by a species of an insect, but also some features of his life and behavior. So, for example, at those species of Orthoptera which chirr in a high grass which can be an obstacle for distribution of a sound signal, the range of sound frequencies wider. It is necessary to increase resistance to hindrances. And here the types chirring on the fly perfectly manage narrower frequency range – on open space the sound very far extends.

As there is a chirring

The chirring grasshopper can often even be seen in a grass. Only he so quickly moves with pads and wings what to understand what occurs, it is impossible. Nevertheless, scientists found out also it. Chirring process, as it turned out, at the majority of grasshoppers happens during closing of wing sheaths. They move at the same time approximately the same as shutters of scissors. The grasshopper closes and disconnects wing sheaths therefore vibration of a certain purity is transferred to them, and then rubs them about a bow frame. And the sound which can be heard in the summer in the field or on the fringe of the forest is distributed. By the way, females of Orthoptera catch singing of the gentlemen the special device which is located on pads. At some types "ear" is in area of a breast.

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