As humming-bird baby birds are born

As humming-bird baby birds are born

Surprising creation, the least bird in the nature, and one of the most beautiful. As it is only not called: both an emerald neck, and the flying amethyst, and fiery topaz. And all this is about a humming-bird.

All about a humming-bird

Perhaps, it can seem strange, but humming-birds are surprisingly unpretentious. These darlings, tiny, distinguished beings do not create special efforts concerning feeding. Except flower nectar about what is already written much, they in a huge number eat all insects.

Incredibly, but wings of a humming-bird allow it not only to hang in air, but also to fly back, to move in any direction. The bird waves rather short wings with an improbable frequency, till 50-70 waves in a second! Not less amazingly and what during migrations of a humming-bird about 850 kilometers without landing are capable to overcome.

At contents in bondage of a humming-bird are quickly tamed and with undisguised interest watch people and their actions. Humming-birds almost continuously are fed and therefore food has to be in constant availability. As temporary food is good honey with water, but it is not suitable for constant food. Ideal option for feeding of a humming-bird is the nutritious structure consisting of boiled milk, water, sugar, meat broth and several drops of syrup. In order that the humming-bird sitting in a cage had a continuous access to midges, it is necessary that they to it flied. For this purpose peach stones or a banana peel are ideal. Midges will fly surely and will please a birdie in every respect.

Birth of baby birds

Humming-bird, despite the sizes - normal birds, and the same as larger relatives, lay eggs. They hatch out them and bring baby birds. The only difference from larger birds only that it is necessary to feed a crumb baby bird continuously. Parents feed the kids every 15-20 minutes. If there was something extraordinary, then even the foty-minute break is enough to put a baby bird on a side of life and death. Metabolism at a humming-bird is so high that food has to be present not only regularly, but also at enough. Strangely enough, but at such rate of life and food, humming-birds sleep at night. And it is rather difficult to wake them. The humming-bird, as well as other birds, like to bask in the sun. But when keeping a bird in a cage it is important that some part it was in a shadow. The humming-bird needs to take cover periodically there from sunshine. The same concerns also humming-bird baby birds. Unfortunately the quantity of these lovely tiny birds is constantly reduced, and the reason for that - use of pesticides.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team