As in an aquarium to grow up fish on slaughter

As in an aquarium to grow up fish on slaughter

Success of all enterprise depends on correctly chosen breed of fishes which is planned to be parted. The choice of fish for cultivation depends mainly on aquarium size.

The species of fish suitable for cultivation in aquariums

The carp is the most widespread fish for cultivation in ponds and aquariums. The popularity of a carp is connected with a large number at him valuable biological features and convenient economic qualities.

On a variety of scales distinguish 4 species of carps: mirror, scaly, leathery and specularly linearly naked. The separate look is represented by the cultivated carps which.The carp surpasses many freshwater fishes in pantophagy, endurance and growth rate. He is very unpretentious to conditions of keeping and with ease adapts to change of any factors. Carps are very prolific therefore the aquarium for them is necessary very big. The female can sweep out more than 1 million berries with own weight of 5-8 kg. The fertility is connected with conditions of keeping, and the they it is better, the fertility is higher. This is large fish and in good conditions the carp can reach weight of 25 kg with a length more than a meter. In an aquarium of it you should not wait, but it is better not to keep this fish in narrowness. A gold crucian - one more very hardy fish adapting to any environment. It is capable to survive in narrowness, in the conditions of an acute shortage of oxygen. Loves very silted standing reservoirs in the nature, the aquarium with it needs to be filled with plants. Exceptional cases say that about 3 kg can grow, but most often weight does not exceed 500-600 g, and in an aquarium it is worth counting on 200-300. At cultivation it is possible to cross to other species of fish, for example, with a carp. The silver crucian as well as gold, to conditions of dwelling it is unpretentious, but its sizes is even less, and weight does not exceed 400 g. It is crossed successfully at cultivation to a carp and a gold crucian.

The choice of fish for cultivation

Most often the choice of fish for cultivation in an aquarium stops on carps - scaly or which. On legends, domestication of carps happened in Persia. Which often meet even in small aquariums of apartments as they are unpretentious, and their coloring are very different, all there are about 14 types of a color. Happen red, blue, yellow and orange which, apart from various spotty. The best environment for cultivation of any fish on slaughter is a reservoir in which conditions are brought closer to natural, but carps thanks to the endurance can get divorced from success in spacious aquariums. In an aquarium all has to be established necessary for filtration and aeration of water the equipment, and water needs to be changed weekly. For carps important that at the bottom of an aquarium there was a soil covering it completely. It is possible to replace soil with sand or pebble.

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