As it is correct to accustom a cat to a tray

As it is correct to accustom a cat to a tray

The little fluffy kitty becomes in the house huge joy and the adult, and to children. Not to spoil a pleasant impression of appearance of the new family member, it is necessary to accustom a cat to a tray in the first day, immediately at once. It is beforehand necessary to choose and buy a tray, differently while there is no place for a toilet, the kitten will go to any convenient for it. The place for a tray needs to be chosen as available and convenient for a cat. It is desirable to use a rug for a tray to prevent its sliding.

At first it is desirable to be with a cat nearby to help it to be guided freely in new space. If there is no such opportunity, the space needs to be limited in a certain way and to provide all conditions for food, water access, and of course, to put a tray.

But anyway, the first day the most important in formation of further accustoming. It will be much simpler to accustom a cat to a tray if to put her at once in a tray in order that she accustomed. After each awakening and feeding it is also necessary to put it on a tray, forming further a depletion reflex in certain hours. Having tracked in the first day all actions, carefully controlling a situation, it is possible to develop tactics for the next days. The behavior of a kitten can prompt that it needs already to descend in a toilet: it begins to scrape a floor and to sniff at places. It is important not to miss these moments: it is necessary to help it to find the right place, and the question "how to accustom a cat to a tray" gradually will concern less and less you.

Very important point in education is the caress and a praise for the actions made by a kitty. It is worth stroking her, to caress, tell tender words. And, calling her by name. Cats are very sensitive and remember that some actions can cause positive reaction of the hostess. Most often it can be an additional incentive.

To accustom a cat to a tray it is necessary to remember that it is very clean pets. They are very fastidious. Again can not go to the same tray therefore it will be good if the place cleans up and wash in due time. Of course, it is not the best option for those situations when the cat a long time is one, and a problem with purity you will not be able physically to avoid.

If after all the moment was missed, and the kitten managed to go to not put place, it is worth paying its attention to this omission at once. Otherwise then it does not make sense to abuse, it will just forget about what occurred. It is necessary to remove paper result of its mistake and to carry on a tray, thereby showing where he has to cope. It is simple to accustom a cat to a tray, the main thing to spend on it a little time and patience.

Places which were marked by a kitten under a toilet should be washed away and processed carefully specific substances. It can be lemon juice, the vinegar divorced in water or the special means in a variety offered by pet-shops.

If the cat chose the same place for a toilet, it is worth putting for a while the smelling objects (a rag with a strong smell of perfume, a segment of garlic and onions, perfumery soap).

If periodically to watch behavior of the pet, purity of a tray, then it is possible to accustom a cat to a tray. Observation will help to define: whether the place and whether it is comfortable to a cat there is pleasant whether there are no irritating smells of a freshener or a smell of household products. All this can begin a cause of failure of a cat to go to a tray in the place established by you. Use of filler plays an important role. It is worth observing whether it is pleasant to a cat or represents inconvenience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team