As it is correct to bring up the Siamese

As it is correct to bring up the Siamese

The Siamese cat differs in refined beauty and independent character. That she felt comfortable, and you had no problems, correctly bring up a kitten from the first days of emergence him in your house. The pet needs communication, attention and permanent care, then stay near it will bring only joy.


1. To have as little as possible problems in the future, attentively choose a kitten. The kid should not be too timid or on the contrary, aggressive. Pay attention to the state of health of a kitten. Problems with eyes and diseases of the upper airways are characteristic of Siamese. Check whether is not present at a kitten of purulent allocations from a nose, eyes and ears. Make sure that it is all right with a tail - congenital defects can meet at kittens of this breed. Healthy pet always more contact and obedient.

2. From the first days of appearance of the kid in the house establish rules for a kitten. Allocate it the secluded vacation spot. Siamese like to watch the events in the room, but can need also a full privacy. Ideal option - a lodge with a high stove bench and also various devices for jumps and a lasagna. Representatives of this breed are very active therefore it is important to start up from the first days energy of the kid in the peaceful course.

3. Solve problems with a toilet. Siamese are very clean and fastidious - many kittens need not one, but two trays. Provide the necessary number of pots and regularly change filler. Choose that which will be pleasant to a small animal. To smooth wool neither granules, nor sawdust so it will be simpler to maintain hygiene to the kid stick.

4. Provide healthy nutrition. The kitten cannot be overfed - the Siamese has to keep a refined slim silhouette. However and the small animal is not recommended to starve - malnutrition makes him uneasy. The best option - the balanced professional forages which are specially developed for cats of oriental breeds. They will provide the necessary amount of nutrients and also will take care of beauty of wool, health of eyes and fortress of bones. Do not accustom a kitten to delicacies and you do not feed him from a table. The small animal has to know that during a meal of owners his presence is undesirable.

5. Siamese cats are very sociable. You should not get a kitten of this breed if you are absent the whole day. The missing cat will begin to have a good time in the way available to it - to spoil upholstered furniture, to loudly mew, leave puddles on a floor. From a lack of attention the animal can be depressed or become aggressive and uncontrollable. For the company it is possible to get one more cat, but it is better to pay daily attention to the pet - to iron it, to play, talk.

6. If the kitten was guilty, lecture him, but do not beat - the pet has to trust the owner. Try to understand in what a problem root. Perhaps, the kitten lacks attention, he incorrectly eats or is ill.

7. The sociability and "garrulity" of Siamese are noted by all who dealt with this breed. Do not try to force a cat to be silent - frequent miaow, loud purring and full scale of other various sounds will accompany all actions of your cat.

8. Early puberty and activity in an issue of reproduction is peculiar to oriental cats. If you do not plan to breed kittens, sterilize the favourite after the first or second techka. It concerns also males - ungelded cats actively mark the territory and are inclined to escapes. Simple operation will solve behavioural problems and will make a cat quieter. However some males mark also after castration. Plus is that allocations will not have such caustic smell.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team