As it is correct to organize a convenient berth for a dog

As it is correct to organize a convenient berth for a dog

As well as each family member, at a canine friend has to have the personal berth. Modern stove benches for dogs are designed to provide comfort to pets and to warn a number of orthopedic problems. Similar designs are made of plush, cotton, velor and velveteen, and a role of their basis is played by cotton cotton wool, silicone or sintepon.

Big or small

The model and configuration of a stove bench depends on the sizes of a pet, temperament and even a manner to sleep. Before going behind purchase or to start independent production, pay attention to how your dog prefers to sleep. If you often encounter "bagel" underfoot, stop the choice on a round stove bench with sides. For dogs who have a rest, having stretched in all length, it is better to get a mattress, a plank bed pillow or a sofa.

The lodge closed from sides and from above will be suitable for tiny doggies which at insignificant fall of temperature freeze.

Before purchase measure the pet in the sleeping state, to the received number add 20 cm, it also will be the optimum size of a berth.

Types of berths

Mattresses are convenient that they compactly find room in a corner, in carrying or a cage. Choose the model made of soft material and covered from the outer side with the washing, strong nylon fabric.

Dogs mothers with the kids need security and reliability, for them it is better to select a stove bench with sides. The same design will please "old men" who like to put a muzzle on a side. Folding beds have similarity to a human bed. Structurally represents the metal framework fitted by strong fabric. Such plank bed will be appreciated by the pet who likes to get on a master's bed. Plank beds without boards will be able to become a cozy berth for dogs of large breeds and those which differ in sure, courageous temper. If the pet demands protection against cold and drafts, establish stove benches and sofas with backs. At the same time the dog will be in safety and to have an opportunity to look through the room. The plastic plank bed external is similar to a basin. Its advantage is in resistance to mechanical damages and dirt. It also perfectly will be suitable for those favourites which all strive to try "on tooth". That to an animal in it it was comfortable, the design is supplied with a soft cotton pillow or a thin mattress. Choose an installation site so that it was a secluded corner, but at the same time allowed to watch the events. It is possible to secure against drafts of a canine friend if to place a berth of a floor 8 cm higher than level. Stove benches, lodges and mattresses should not be near batteries, a balcony, electric devices and at an entrance door.

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