As it is correct to train a dog of any breed

As it is correct to train a dog of any breed

Any dog, irrespective of breed and character, demands training. For some individuals the lack of the correct education turns at all into uncontrollability which makes a dog socially dangerous.

Correct training of a dog

Ill-bred dog - a problem for the owner. It is difficult to agree with an uncontrollable dog, it is impossible to foresee his reaction to certain things. To avoid similar troubles, having taken a puppy, it is necessary to start his training quickly.


That trainings were effective, it is necessary to prepare for them. First of all to choose the suitable place for classes with the pet. It has to be big space where nothing will distract and irritate a dog. To begin to train four-footed on the platform for a dog walking - useless occupation. Other animals will run everywhere, drawing to themselves attention. The puppy will not be able to concentrate on working process.

Optimal variant for the first trainings is the apartment. Here everything is already surveyed and there are no distracting factors.


As soon as the puppy is 2 months old, the owner can start his training. The later trainings will begin, the it will be more difficult to achieve result though dogs are trained at any age. At first it is necessary to carry away the kid educational process. It is for this purpose important to present all tasks in the form of a game. Training has to cause positive emotions in the pet.

Main conditions of competent training

In the first days of stay in the house of a puppy it is necessary to accustom to a collar and a lead. At first these things will irritate the pet, then he will just cease to notice them. And the lead which is picked up by the owner will cause positive emotions as will begin to be associated with walk.

It is important to accustom to own nickname through caress. It is necessary to say a name of the kid at that time while it is ironed, offer food. It has to be connected with the actions pleasant for a dog.

It is important to know!

  • It is impossible to give classes with a dog if she feels unwell, or she has a bad mood.
  • You should not compare the speed of training of animals, drawing a conclusion about their intelligence. Here, as at people - all acquire information differently.
  • Working off of teams should not stop in everyday life.
  • For the correct performance of tasks of the kid it is necessary to encourage with a praise and delicacy.
  • Classes are recommended to be given before feeding of a dog.
  • It is forbidden to shout at a dog, to beat her. It will break mentality of an animal, having caused aggression, or fearfulness.
  • It is impossible to allow begging of a dog during meal of the owner and furthermore, to give it food from a table. It will break house hierarchy. In consciousness of the dog who received delicacy according to the first requirement the opinion will be created that main in family he, but not the person.

Main teams

"To me!"

Every time when the dog is called is, it is necessary to say strong tone team "to me". As soon as the kid approached, it is necessary to thank him, having given a piece of favourite food, only then to put a bowl.

This phrase will be acquired in consciousness of an animal, and over time, having heard "to me", the dog will rush to the owner. In reply always the praise, at least verbal has to follow.


In the first month of training the pronouncing this team has to be associated at the pet with the laying. Bringing the kid to the vacation spot, it is necessary to put delicacy there. Having eaten it, the puppy has to remain on the place until the person does not allow it to descend from it.

Later any point specified by the owner will be that place.


To teach the pet to go near the owner, without pulling out from lead hands, it is possible in a month of daily trainings. If the dog runs forward, then it needs to be straightened out, saying team "nearby". For large breeds it is authorized to use a lead "controller" which will drag on a little, causing to a dog discomfort in any attempt to jerk forward.

As soon as the puppy begins to run nearby, he should be awarded.


If desired a dog to pick up food from the earth it is necessary to straighten out him, having said "faugh". This team extends also to incorrect actions of a dog. If it does that according to the owner inadmissibly, then by all means has to hear a forbidden word.

"To sit! To lie!"

It is necessary to show to the favourite delicacy. While he in an anticipation of its receiving, does not take eyes with food, it is necessary to press accurately on a waist of a dog a palm, accompanying action with the word "Sit".

As soon as the dog fell into the necessary state, he receives long-awaited delicacy. The same principle works when training in the lie team.

Each dog is capable to master these commands. If some actions do not give in to a dog, not he is guilty, and the owner who in something makes a mistake. In this case it is necessary to analyze each step and to try to replace tactics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team