As it is possible to call a striped cat

As it is possible to call a striped cat

Do you want to give to the pet a majestic, comic or kind nickname? Choose a name for a striped cat, proceeding not only from own eccentricity, but also from character, a constitution and features of coloring of an animal.


1. The most widespread nickname of a striped cat – Matroskin. Paraphrase Matroskin in Matraskin or Telnyashkin - the fervent and original nickname will be got. Nicknames "a la a surname" on a polosatost sound in a familiar way and especially suit the tender, appreciating owners cats. Can be such names: Polosatych, Poloskin, Pal-Polosych, Matrosych or even Tigridze.

2. As the sea and a stripped vest – some of the most widespread associations with strips, dream up on these subjects. Well-aimed and clear cat's nicknames: Ship's boy, Captain, Pirate, Liner, Sailor, Kok, Steering wheel, Sailor, Rybak and Stripped vest. A wake, the Storm, the Calm, the Wolf – extravagant and original names for especially bright representatives of the breed.

3. Lovely and nicely nicknames names of animals and sending to them sound. If your cat bright and active, it is possible to call him the Bumblebee, the Drone or Buzzing. The nicknames Bug, the Bug, the Snakes, the Snake will be suitable for a quick cat with moderate temperament and sweet temper. As strips can be various – wide and narrow, indistinct and bright, it is possible to choose a nickname proceeding from texture of hair of animal. The zebra, the Lynx, Rysya, the Tiger, the Tiger, the Badger, the Chipmunk, the Raccoon will be suitable for cats with the corresponding drawings of strips and certain color scale of wool.

4. Owners of sense of humour can risk to give to a cat the nickname Staff, the Stocking, the Sock, the Mattress, the Tie, the Rail or Bonifatsy. Tolstoy, a lazy and gluttonous cat it is possible to nickname Watermelon or Garbuz. Lean, extended and brisk – the Barrier, the Squash or Zucchini.

5. As striped cats are classical favourites of children's writers and directors why not to call by their kind recognizable name, how from the old book? Nicknames Vaska, Boris, Murzik, the Cat and Mashka – lovely and habitual, endure nowadays the second wave of popularity.

6. Striped cat's coloring sometimes reminds a prison uniform – here and an occasion to look for a name to the pet in this area. The nicknames Bandit, the Convict, Skilled, the Tease, the Guy or the Goof-off will be suitable for a cat prankster and the squabbler.

7. Happens, cat's strips are so carefully traced that it seems as if the animal dressed up in a stylish suit from expensive fabric. The fashionable image of such pets can be emphasized, having nicknamed the Dude, the Dandy, the Dandy, the Dandy or the Dandy. Names of popular stars handsome, for example, James Bond, Brad, Cruz, Yudashkin, Zaytsev, Dior, Armani or Ostap Bender here too very opportunely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team