As it is transferred deprive at dogs

As it is transferred deprive at dogs

Deprive - an infectious disease which arises at hit on skin of mushrooms of a number of Microsporum. The infection well adapts to the new habitat therefore deprive is very widespread.

Ways of infection

Deprive at dogs appears as a result of contact with the fungus carrier. After the game with the sick pet the dog becomes the infection carrier. The clinical picture can be shown not at once, the fungus during this period poses a secret threat. Deprive it is dangerous to the person, cats and other pets.

Depriving symptoms

The incubation period of an infection can last from several days to several months. The dog at first has a rash, wool drops out then, on skin the dry crust of red color appears, from it pus can exude. The high temple most often has a clear boundary. It is difficult not to notice it. Also the behavior of a dog changes. She begins to scratch affected areas, to behave uneasily. Deprive most often appears behind ears, on the head, in the tail basis, on the lower part of paws.

When the fungus gets on skin, it gets deep into epidermis. If Wednesday favorable for development, then deprive expands and the first symptoms appear. Wool because hair bulbs due to the lack of food are damaged begins to drop out. In all organism the inflammatory process begins, the immunity weakens, the dog becomes sluggish.

Treatment of a dog

Annual vaccination by the following medicines will help to protect a dog from a terrible misfortune: Polivak-TM, Mentavak and Vakderm. During walk it is necessary to watch the pet that he did not play and did not fight with homeless dogs who can be carriers of a disease. Disputes of a fungus can be even in street and house dust therefore the dog is always under the threat of infection. The infection long to be concealed in a furniture upholstery, carpets where dust accumulates. Also the person can suffer, having been infected by the pet. At the first signs depriving a dog it is necessary to protect from communication with other family members, to allocate her a corner and not to allow to go to carry an infection on the apartment. It is necessary to show the pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible. There is no need to lull a sick dog. There are ointments, vaccines to return the pet to former life. During treatment it is necessary to make as appropriate a food allowance that the dog received all necessary vitamins and minerals which will help to restore the weakened organism and to overcome an infection. In the house it is necessary to carry out damp cleaning and disinfection always. To wash bowls, toys and vacation spots of a dog thoroughly. It is worth caring for purity with special care during treatment of a dog that fungus disputes did not get again. Not to forget to wash hands after contact with a sick animal.

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