As laika puppies look

As laika puppies look

Probably, there will be no person to whom this incredibly clever, powerful and beautiful dog was not nice. Their inquisitive, clever muzzles and a tail a steering-wheel win over everyone at once. Therefore it is no wonder that many people want to get a laika puppy to bring up the loyal and reliable friend.

It is necessary to treat education of a puppy of a laika very seriously since the little animal is a helpless and defenseless being who is able to do nothing and does not understand. Education and the correct leaving remains the main objective of the owner of the pet.

Features of breed

Coloring of a muzzle of a dog can be from ideally black to reddish-brown on a cream-white background. At the head of an adult dog there are marks which very much remind a mask that gives to his muzzle fervent and cheerful expression. Any of breeds of dog has no such unusual coloring.

But at a puppy of a laika brightly blue eyes are the most surprising. Some dogs possess eyes of darkly brown or amber color, and multi-colored eyes meet at rare individuals even. Powerful paws of a puppy of a laika remind themselves a boot because of the rigid and long wool growing between fingers. Such specific structure of a leg helps to move with ease on dense snow. Acute-angled ears of a laika highly stick out on the top and are next to each other, and the powerful tail is very similar to a sickle.

Features of leaving

The little puppy of a laika on the street will freeze in the winter, it is better to let him into the house or the apartment. For this purpose he needs to prepare the constant place equipped for a dream and food. The place has to be chosen so that there was no draft and was not near heating devices. The laying on which the pet sleeps needs to be subjected to cleaning weekly. You should not accustom a puppy of a laika to be put to bed on a bed or a sofa. Over time it will become a habit to which he cannot be disaccustomed. Besides, the playful pet can scratch all furniture. For schooling of a puppy to an independent exit to the street it is necessary to walk him as often as possible. Begin to do it from the very first days of stay in the house. If the puppy wants to descend in a toilet, then it begins to whine and spin, looking for the place. Having noticed it, it is necessary to take out urgently it to the yard or to put in a box with sand. It is gradually possible to achieve without effort that the puppy of a laika began to ask on the street. Special attention at education of a puppy of a laika needs to be paid to a food allowance. To grow up the strong, well developed and clever dog, it is necessary to feed a laika puppy with a nutritious and fresh forage with obligatory additive of vitamins and vegetables. Time of feeding has to be strictly defined and the puppy has to eat all the portion of food. Water in a bowl for drink has to change in the morning and in the evening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team