As little pigeons look

As little pigeons look

If to know features of development of baby birds of a pigeon, it is possible to determine his age with a big accuracy. The baby bird grows pretty fast therefore his appearance cardinally changes in very short terms.

Pigeons were always not only favourites, but also assistants to the person. In those days, when there were no means of communication, carrier pigeons were especially esteemed. Now fans of these birds support them in special rooms – dovecots, hold competitions between the pets, are engaged in removal of different decorative breeds.

Features of behavior of pigeons

These birds quickly get used to the dovecot and never for a long time leave it. On the first year of life the pigeon finds to himself couple with which remains all the life. The relations between a male and a samochka warm, they always keep together: and during search of food, and in flight. If for selection the pigeon breeder replaces a female in other nest, she after appearance of baby birds steadily comes back to "spouse".

About golubyata

And in bondage, and "wild" life each couple of pigeons suits the nest which other relatives have no right to borrow. As a rule, the female lays 1-2 eggs from which in 20 days baby birds appear. They look not too attractively: a dark pink thin skin in small folds, eyes are covered bluish centuries, a beak disproportionately big. After their hatching the male carries away an unnecessary more shell from a nest. Small the golubyat during the first hours of the life has very weak pen-type cover. The little body of a baby bird covers so small amount of thin feathers that it needs the heating, vital for it. Parents serially cover cubs with the body, thereby granting them heat and protection against hot sunshine. Development of baby birds happens unevenly: in the first couple of days the main share of body weight is gathered then the rate of its increase decreases. Most quicker at golubit the beak grows. Already in few weeks after the birth it reaches the same size, as at an adult bird. The age of a baby bird can be determined so: if at it eyes, so to it completely opened 8-9 days. If its little body began to become covered evenly by short fluffy plumelets, so to a baby bird of 6-7 days. By the end of the first month of life the bird completely has a uniform dense pen-type cover. During the same period the golubenok begins to flutter from place to place, training the wings and being preparing for the first flight. In 7 weeks it begins a molt and "children's" feathers are replaced with stronger. Grow the golubyat quickly: in 1-1.5 months they begin to fly, and in 2-3 months – to coo. This moment marks the beginning of growing of a bird.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team