As Maine Coons look

As Maine Coons look

Maine Coon - the American native cat with long wool. Representatives of this breed are the large animals who are perfectly adapted for survival in the wild nature.


1. Head of a Maine Coon wide, wedge-shaped. It is extended in length that is necessary for this animals for getting of livelihood in the conditions of the wild nature. A square cranium, the forehead is considerably rounded off, there are high and convex malar arches.

2. Eyes in relation to an outer edge of an ear are located a little slantwise, they are put widely. Size of eyes big, form oval. Color of eyes can be various: green, blue, gold.

3. Big auricle, high, wide at the basis. The insignificant inclination of an auricle outside is noticeable. The distance between ears does not exceed auricle basis width.

4. Large ears are necessary for a Maine Coon in the wild nature ideally to control a situation around themselves. Ears of an animal are also distinguished by extreme mobility and a reinforced ear cartilage.

5. Tips of ears are pointed, on them there are brushes. Brushes proceed on a reverse side of an auricle. The inside of an auricle is trimmed.

6. The chin at representatives of breed of a straight line, is on one line with a nose and an upper lip. A neck of an animal srednedlinny, with strong muscles.

7. The body of a Maine Coon has a rectangular shape, is allocated with the developed muscles. The extremities of average length which are widely put.

8. A foot of an animal large and roundish, densely covered with wool. Bunches of wool are available even between fingers that allows to move freely on snow.

9. Wide and powerful thorax. The tail is narrowed in the direction from the basis to a tip, is plentifully trimmed. On length the tail equals to body length. In the wild nature such long and fluffy tail helps an animal not to freeze during sleep.

10. Length of a wool cover uneven, is shorter than hair in the field of a humeral belt and is longer in a stomach. Around a neck wool forms similarity of a collar. Length of a hair averages 10-15 cm.

11. Wool rather densely adjoins to a body, there is a moderate underfur. Wool is waterproof that helps cats with the wild nature to transfer summer rains of North America. A shape of hairs slightly wavy that allows to hold warm air in an underfur.

12. The most various colors of Maine Coons are allowed. A color black marble and black tiger are considered as traditional.

13. The weight of an adult male reaches 6-12 kg, an adult female – 4-9 kg. One of characteristic features of representatives of breed a Maine Coon – slow development. Finally the animal is formed only to age of 3-5 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team