As mouths of cows

As mouths of cows

In the spring busy season not only for farmers, but also for cattle breeders begins. They need to take care of preparation of forages for the cattle for the winter. But in the same time of cows it is already possible to graze on a green juicy grass. The cost of the contents of cattle falls considerably. Usually in small villages and villages the owners of cows and sheep graze herd in turn.


1. For a cattle pasture there are too rules and traditions which need to be observed. The young cow needs to be accustomed to a pasture. Do it gradually, begin from 2-3 o'clock in day. Approximately in a week finish cattle pasture time till 14-16 o'clock.

2. You watch that the cow or a calf did not eat too much grass after a rain or dew. From it there can be inflation of a hem, and it is fraught with a serious disease for an animal.

3. Observe the pasture mode of a cow. It leads to a good spirit of an animal and a big yield of milk of milk. Morning milking has to take place at 5-6 o'clock in the morning, lunch – at 13-14, and evening – at 21-22 o'clock in the evening.

4. Consider also the extent of the road to a pasture. The maximum distance to it has to be 2.5-3 kilometers. If the pasture is further, the animal will be tired and the yield of milk will decrease.

5. Take care of existence near a pure grass. That is, there has to be a pond, the small river or the lake nearby. If there is no water nearby, organize its supply on a pasture in certain time.

6. It is possible to bind cattle near the house if the big lawn is near. Hammer deeply into the earth a metal hook and find rather long rope. 2-3 times a day change arrangement of a leash that the cow was provided with a fresh grass.

7. If you for the first time conduct cattle in the general herd, stock up with the reference from the veterinarian that the animal is healthy. Make subsaws of horns not to wound other cows.

8. You watch that the cattle did not come into the forest and into a ravine. There is a high probability that the animal will get confused in branches and bushes and will not be able to get out. There is also a danger of attack of wild animals.

9. Handle with a cow mom with care, sometimes she too sponsors a calf and can attack other animals or people if she feels threat for the cub. You do not shout and do not make sharp movements, you speak with the pets gently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team