As mouths of hens

As mouths of hens

One of important conditions of successful keeping of hens on a personal plot is providing to a bird of necessary walking. Walks in the fresh air favorably influence a yaytsenoskost and in many respects promote a good increase in weight at hens. Walking of poultry during the summer, winter, autumn and spring period has the features.


1. An indispensable condition of the correct walking of a bird – the sufficient size of the platform. The territory of a pasture of 10 chickens should not be less than 30 sq.m. However and at such sizes the platform for walks is quickly trodden by a bird, on it all vegetation, and disappear insects escapes. If the territory of the site allows, equip in it several walkings which need to be changed periodically. Such measure will allow hens to be grazed on the fresh earth with the restored grass and will give you the chance to keep other platforms clean.

2. Equip the place for walks of a bird in that part of a garden where there are no low bushes, but there are high fruit plantings. It will provide a necessary shadow if the summer will be unusually hot and dry. Enclose the summer site for walking with a metal lattice. Over the walking platform build an easy canopy which will allow to let out a bird in rainy weather.

3. For walking of chickens in cold season from front side of the hen house clean the site not less than 2 meters wide on all length of construction. Lay the platform a laying which needs to be removed daily for the night to the room. From sunny side enclose the shelter with the metal gauze, and from sides – wooden boards or protections from straw and brushwood. Over winter walking it is also necessary to construct a canopy. The roof and walls will protect a bird from rushes of strong wind, rain and snow. If weather frosty (to minus 12 degrees), produce chickens on short-term walk in the middle of the day. At lower temperatures you should not walk a bird.

4. If your economy is located in the place where large-scale arable and harvest works are carried out, it is possible to place birds in the small mobile hen house. This construction is located in close proximity to a plowed land or the place of harvesting, and the bird finds a large number of worms and insects in the earth. Besides, hens select grains which were not removed by the equipment. Such way not only will provide to a bird necessary walking in the fall and in the spring, but also will allow you to save significantly aft.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team