As rage at cats is transmitted

As rage at cats is transmitted

Rage is considered the most dangerous disease at all warm-blooded animals. Wild or house, living constantly in the apartment or at liberty - nobody is insured from this virus.

When get a cat, many owners ignore annual vaccination. Some consider that such disease as rage, is anywhere, only not near them.

Ways of transfer and infection

Leaving own entrance, near many houses it is possible to see mice or rats who take root about refuse chutes. They are also considered the carriers of rage who are brought most closer to people. Street cats who hunted these rodents in a fight with them, could receive a sting, through it and this disease is transferred.

Rage is transmitted through saliva of the infected animal. The hidden period of a disease, to the first strong indications of rage, can be of 2 weeks about half a year. Everything depends on location of the place of a sting in relation to a brain as, getting to blood, the virus gets into nervous fibers. If the sting was in the head or a neck, then signs will develop earlier, than a sting in a hinder leg. Eating the virus carrier, the cat is also infected with rage. The following method of transfer — through the saliva which got on the injured skin. Various microinjuries at cats and a raschesa on skin can become in the entrance way for infection. Carriers of rage are: rodents, cats, polecats, bats, dogs, foxes, raccoons, wolves, hedgehogs. At sick animals the self-preservation instinct becomes dull. Wild animals can approach people, make up, eat food from hands. Along with it their behavior sharply changes on aggressive. They begin to rush, to growl, gnaw and swallow stones, sticks. They develop hydrophobia and a photophobia.

Prevention and protection

The only method of prevention of rage is annual vaccination. As rage is the dangerous disease which is transmitted to the person vaccination by an animal becomes free. It is possible to make it, having addressed to regional or city veterinary clinic. If you were bitten by a wild or homeless animal, then it is worth addressing to emergency station or veterinary laboratory where will make the medicine injection with repetition by 3 times protecting you from rage urgently. You do not treat negligently the health. This disease is not treated neither at animals, nor at people. The veterinary science of the whole world guards human health and struggles with this disease. There is a specialized website where on the world map it is possible to see the outbreaks of rage. Information on the outbreaks of this disease around the world, is replenished weekly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team