As the aquarium fish Danio breeds: terms

As the aquarium fish Danio breeds: terms

It is possible to receive posterity of the aquarium fish danio rerio even to the beginning aquarian. In spite of the fact that it is not the viviparous small fish and throwing caviar, time and expenses it will be required a little: small horizontal aquarium, several plants, pebbles and two weeks of patience.

Danio – small peaceful gregarious small fishes of family cyprinid. In the nature they live in flowing or stagnant reservoirs of Asia. Can live even on the flooded rice fields. They are not exacting to conditions of accommodation and are suitable for contents to beginners. Aquarian danio up to 5 cm long grow, have an oblong body. The color happens different shades – from whitish to silvery, golden, pinkish, depending on color of narrow longitudinal strips on a light background. Danio are omnivorous. They live in aquariums usually 2 years, sometimes 4-5 years.

Preparation of a spawning area

Small fishes danio small therefore as a spawning area the glass horizontal capacity, only 3-5 liters will approach. On a bottom 3-4 plants which are pressed down by smooth pebbles give all the best. In capacity otstoyanny water, with temperature 24-25os is filled in.

Small fishes danio reach a polovozrelost in 4-10 months. For the best spawning the experts recommend in a week before every day to change up to 20% of water in an aquarium. Fresh water has to be otstoyanny and have cool temperature – about 20 wasps. Then in 3 days prior to spawning of females and males it is better to transplant in different aquariums. The female from males danio is distinguished by more roundish paunch and more accurate strips on a back. Fish during this period is actively fed with a high-calorie forage, for example, a crank or koretry. On the appointed day the spawning area is transferred to well lit place and put off in it one samochka with the paunch which is obviously thickened at an anus also two-three active males danio.

Reproduction danio

After a ssazhivaniye of small fishes the spawning happens the next morning, at dawn, or in a day. It is interesting to observe how males begin to pursue a female and to send her on all spawning area, striking blows directly to a paunch of a small fish. Thus, they stimulate it to emission of caviar which is impregnated immediately. Caviar gradually, approximately within an hour, precipitates and attached to a spawning area bottom. After the end of spawning danio transfer to the general aquarium. Pebbles from a bottom of a spawning area remove that plants emerged. At the bottom at the same time transparent balls berries are well visible. In 3-5 days from berries small fishes appear. They grow quite intensively. Young growth feed with infusorians, "live dust", special sterns for whitebaits. The female danio postpones until 400 berries, but no more than 100 whitebaits survive to an adult state. In a week the female is ready to spawning again.

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