As the cat after sterilization behaves

As the cat after sterilization behaves

Sterilization of a cat – rather serious band operation which is performed under the general anesthesia. The recovery period takes about a week the majority of cats. And during this period it is important to provide to an animal good care and to watch behavior of the house favourite.

Behavior of a cat during the postoperative period

The most hard time for an animal is a day of sterilization when the cat only begins "to depart" from the general anesthesia. This process at animals can happen differently. Some cats just sleep till next day, and some become hyperactive: try to run, jump, seek to get above, loudly mew. At the same time coordination of movements, as a rule, very bad therefore the animal can go back to front, falls, "miss" at jumps and risks to be injured. Therefore it is very important to be near a cat to look after her. Besides, some animals, departing from an anesthesia, are afraid to remain alone and do not release from themselves the person.

It is the best of all to appoint operation to morning of the day off that you had an opportunity to check a condition of a cat during the first hours after operation. Further it will not need constant supervision any more.

After the period of activity there comes the secondary dream. After the cat sleeps off, the remains of an anesthesia "will disappear" from her organism and she will begin to behave normally. Its movements will become coordinated, the cat can begin to show interest in food though at first there is it will be a little. Within two-three days the cat will be sluggish and inactive, but both physical activity, and appetite will gradually be restored.

As the behavior of the sterilized cat changes

After operation the cat has no hormonal problems any more, and together with them also the night shouts, hysterical meowing and other "outrage" accompanying a techka disappear. As a rule, the character of a cat after sterilization essentially does not change: they behave almost the same as before operation during the period between techka. But become at the same time a little quieter and obedient, less aggressive. Usually sterilized cat begins to move less therefore it is necessary not only to modify her diet (best of all to pass to a special forage for eunuchs), but also to try to stimulate her physical activity, playing with an animal more often.

Sometimes after operation at cats the appetite strongly increases. In such cases it is important not to give in on "provocation" and not to increase a diet – differently literally for only a few weeks the cat will grow fat.

If, despite operation, the cat continues to show sexual bents, it can mean that operation is made insufficiently "purely" and in an abdominal cavity there were parts of an ovary which continues to function. The left uterus can also produce hormones, and sometimes this function is undertaken by adrenal glands. Anyway the behavior characteristic of a techka at the sterilized cat – a reason for serious inspection at the veterinarian.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team