As the cat sees the world around

As the cat sees the world around

Cat's eyes are fine. They are so beautiful and attractive that their name was presented to an ornamental stone, and women even thought up a special make-up that their eyes resembled cat's. But here about that, how exactly they work what picture our pets in comparison with the person, the majority needs only to guess. Meanwhile, the picture of the world of the person and a cat not so strongly differs.

Color scaleLong time was considered that the world for cats is similar to black-and-white cinema and they do not distinguish color at all. Actually, and fortunately for fluffy favourites, it not absolutely so.

It is known that that in a brain the image of what the living being sees was created, light has to pass through a set of the nervous terminations in an eyeball, these terminations are divided into flasks and sticks. Flasks are responsible for distinction of color. In a human eye there are three types of flasks which help to distinguish three various colors – red, blue and green. Mixture and options of these flowers – are also all color scale of the world around. Unlike the person of a cat have only blue and green flasks in an arsenal, and they to distinguish all red scale not in forces, the same as the colors containing red. It means that neither red, nor orange, nor violet, nor pink are not available to a cat's eye. Cats distinguish colors, however see the world not such colourful as people. However, this omission, not too big for them.

In spite of the fact that in some parameters the sight of cats concedes human, their hearing and a scent are developed many times better.

Sight clearnessThe picture which is seen by a cat is comparable with the picture of the person with severe short-sightedness. For this reason cats are often not capable to distinguish the subject which is at them directly before a nose. However for orientation in space they use vibrisa which are often mistakenly called cat's mustache. They as if antennka, help them to estimate distance to any given subject. Hair of cats also serves for this purpose – hairs-antennki are located on all body of fluffy favourites.

Night visionPopular belief in what cats see in the dark. Actually, if a cat to close in absolutely dark room without any light sources, she, of course, too will see nothing. But at the same time to a cat to see a surrounding situation, it is enough of everything 1/6 from that amount of light which is necessary for the person. It also helps cats to hunt at night even if light falls only from the moon.

It is better to see in the dark to cats so-called ""pocket mirror"" on a back wall of a retina helps. Exactly thanks to it cat's eyes so mysteriously flicker in the twilight.

Unusual, vertical pupils help to see with twilight to cats. On light they are narrowed to thin threads because cat's eyes are much more sensitive to light and the bright sun can damage them. But in the dark pupils become much wider, than at the person, and pass maximum amounts of light.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team