As the chaffinch looks

As the chaffinch looks

Chaffinch – a small birdie who is found in Russia, the western Asia, the Mediterranean, Western and Southern Europe. It differs in the pleasant ringing voice a little similar to a voice of a nightingale, ability to carefully mask the nests and an original color.


1. This vociferous bird by the size and the constitution reminds a sparrow a little. The weight of an adult chaffinch ordinary reaches only 40 grams, wingspan – 28 cm, and length from a beak tip to a tip of a tail varies from 14 to 16 cm. Separate species of these birds, for example, a mountain chaffinch, can reach in length of 20 cm.

2. Males of chaffinches differ in a beautiful bright color, especially during the autumn period. On the head of this bird the gray-blue hat flaunts, and plumage of "cheeks", a craw and a breast is presented by beautiful burgundy and brick color scale. The lower part of a trunk is in front painted in white color.

3. The back of a chaffinch has brown color which to a bottom is diluted with a chartreuse shade. The black-brown tail and black wings on which wide white strips with a beautiful fringing from yellowish plumelets are noticeable act as contrast to such coloring. The grayish and steel beak at a chaffinch has the cone-shaped form, typical for vyyurkovy birds, and the small size, and pads of a chaffinch are painted in pinkish-gray color.

4. After a summer molt the color of males becomes not such bright any more and gets quieter brown and ocherous shade which helps them to mask in the fall on trees. They also carefully hide nests from eyes of people and various representatives of fauna, locating the dwelling on the topmost branches and masking it a moss and blades.

5. Females of chaffinches cannot brag of such bright plumage as males, and their color scale varies in quieter gray-brown scale. And the head and the top part of a trunk looks much more darkly, than at males, and has no sharp color transitions. Baby birds of chaffinches who are born in May and in July-August on the color are more similar to females, but have a light spot a nape. However, baby birds grow pretty fast – in 3 weeks they begin adulthood and get the advising color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team