As the ear tick is given

As the ear tick is given

By ear pincers call the small parasites striking acoustical passes of pets - cats and dogs. Cases when ear pincers passed from pets and to owners, i.e. people are known.


1. Though the ear tick also possesses is insignificant the small sizes, to find him absolutely easily. Parasites occupy external acoustical passes of cats or dogs, as food to them serve the died-off parts of leather and blood of animals which insects extract in the course of biting. Painful feelings, an itch in ears and also allocation from an ear of the dark-brown secret consisting of the waste allocated by pincers allow to make at once the diagnosis otodektoz, that is defeat by an ear tick.

2. The ear tick is extremely infectious, is given from one animal to another by direct contact, most often the young growth falls a victim of parasites. And cats are infected much quicker. It is explained by feature of their behavior. Two animals, having met, express sympathy by friction of the heads the friend about the friend. In this case infection is almost guaranteed. But also the person can become the involuntary carrier of a disease. Having scratched behind an ear a sick animal, and subsequently the same hands healthy, he can easily bring parasites in healthy ears. And if after contact, without having washed a hand, the person rubs own ears, it can quite be infected and.

3. Dogs are subject to infection otodektozy too. Somewhat they are even in a bigger zone of risk, than a cat in view of the fact that mostly houses, and contacts between animals support cats nevertheless if are possible, there are they, as a rule, with the consent of the owner. And here dogs daily during walk constantly contact to different relatives among whom there can be also sick animals.

4. Not to allow spread of a disease, it is necessary to subject to treatment of all animals contacting with each other, even those who do not show visible symptoms of infection. Pincers can remain unnoticed from 3 to 4 weeks, to see them quite difficult, and a brown secret will become noticeable only when collects in a significant amount. Thorough cleaning of the room which held an animal is also necessary. It will turn out to remove with such way the parasites who dropped out of ears and waiting the new victim among fibers of a carpet or in floor cracks. For prevention of infection it is possible to use also the special medicines applied on animal withers. This measure is especially important for the animals having a possibility of free walking when the owner is physically not able to trace to whom and in what measure his pet contacts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team