As the ladybug looks

As the ladybug looks

Ladybugs are the little and beautiful brightly painted bugs. In different countries they are called differently. For example, in Ukraine this insect call by "sun", in Great Britain – "the lady a bug", and in France - as well as in Russia, i.e. "ladybug".


1. Ladybugs are really lovely creatures. They belong to family of bugs. The appearance, the fancy diversity and a coloring which is memorable at first sight they since ancient times involved to themselves attention and the interest from outside of people. In some countries various ancient superstitions and legends, fairy tales and proverbs are connected with ladybugs many in general. For example, one of legends says that God's cow which sat down on a palm of the person brings good luck. Besides, these insects bring good luck and the world and to those people, or at dachas of which they settle in gardens.

2. The body of a ladybug has the ovoid or semi-spherical form. The head at this insect very short, and all paunch consists of five free chlenik. Ladybugs differ from other bugs in the fact that their pads at first sight seem trekhchlenisty, however it far not so. The fact is that the third (smallest) chlenik is hidden in a furrow of a two-bladed second chlenik together with a half of the fourth. These lovely bugs it is easy to recognize by their specific bright red or orange color little bodies with perceptible black dots. Bugs with such coloring are called as seven-dot ladybugs and are the most widespread look in the world. It is worth noticing that entomologists call "cows" of all bugs whose backs are covered with points, commas, a dash or even the letters "m".

3. Such bright coloring of ladybugs is nothing but the warning factor, the bright colors inherent in any given animals help them to be protected from enemies. In other words, bright color the ladybug warns about the inedibility. For example, if to catch this insect, and then to slightly squeeze it fingers, then it will squeeze out from itself a drop of orange liquid. It is poison - a cantharidine. To the person it is not terrible, however to the bird who seized a ladybug, it will burn a throat, and another time the bird will not even look towards this insect. With such protective coloring the ladybugs have nothing to be afraid. Curiously, as other bugs mask under ladybugs in hope that birds will not touch them too.

4. Ladybugs bring to people invaluable benefit: they eat a plant louse therefore the second name of these bugs – "tlevy cows". Except a plant louse, ladybugs and their larvae destroy such wreckers as shchitovka, scales, web pincers, larvae of bugs-listoyedov, small caterpillars and also various layings of insects and other wreckers of agriculture. It should be noted that appetite at ladybugs enviable and excellent! For example, to gorge on, it is necessary for one individual in day to 50 plant louses! By the way, not all ladybugs are decorated with black or red spots. Among them is also such which have a yellow coloring with black dots or black coloring with red dots. It is occasionally possible to see a white ladybug is the absolutely young insect who recently hatched from a doll.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team