As the puppy of a German shepherd looks

As the puppy of a German shepherd looks

The puppy of a German shepherd can seldom be confused with other breed. And nevertheless it is necessary to know external signs to which it is worth paying attention when choosing first of all.


1. Muzzle and trunk at a puppy German shepherd Nose damp and brilliant. To the touch it can be warm or cold. During sleep nose of a puppy always dry and hot. But in 10 minutes after awakening the nose becomes damp again. Look narrowly at a muzzle of a puppy: it should not be sharp. A bite at a puppy of a sheep-dog only nozhnitseobrazny.

2. The back has to be direct and not sagged, and a neck moderately long and strong. If the puppy is similar to a little fat bear cub, then it is more than chances that he will grow up healthy, big and strong. And here if the puppy reminds a tiny adult individual more, then most likely he will grow small that is inadmissible for this breed. Skin of a puppy adjoins freely: on a trunk there are no folds. All mucous areas at a puppy have pink color.

3. Color sherstiokras a puppy very dark only on a back and the head. Quite often it makes an impression of a black raincoat and mask. Paws of a puppy usually light: brown, beige, red-brown. But too light color is not characteristic of a healthy puppy. Black and brown are traditional colors. However the color can be and gray. It is not especially popular. Sheep-dogs with a gray color are bred only by true admirers. On a body of a puppy of a German shepherd there can be small white or yellow marks on a breast. At a weak pigment of wool the puppy light claws, a red tip of a tail, very light eyes, and on a muzzle has no mask. The puppy has to have small wool length. At the same time the hair which is surely shining.

4. Eyes, extremities and ears of an Eye of a puppy have to be clean and without purulent allocations. Attentively examine front extremities of a puppy: they have to be straight lines at a look from any party and stand in parallel each other. The puppy round and well collected, small pillows on them has to have rigid paws. Claws surely strong and dark color. Back extremities are set a little aside, parallel each other at a look behind. The healthy tail of a puppy has no cones and breaks. When probing the basis of ears there should not be an unpleasant smell: it is symptom of otitis. Eyes of a monthly puppy can be bluish, but then they become brown. Up to 3.5 months the ears of a puppy of a German shepherd should not have obviously standing tips. It is sign of violation of phosphorus-potassium exchange.

5. PovedenieNeredko is it that puppies in one dung externally look equally. And though the uniform dung is a good indicator, the choice for one puppy to make rather difficult. First of all pay attention to behavior of kids. The puppy, the most active in food and a game, is the healthiest. Try to call up a puppy, the one who will come running the first is a leader in a dung.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team