As there live koalas

As there live koalas

Australia is the homeland of all marsupials of animals. How is now to koalas, some of representatives of marsupials when around the fires? Difficult, of course. The interesting facts about koalas, their brain, a way of life and habits.

Now news feeds are crowded with photos and video from Australia. The continent in the fires, and the first who suffer in the fires are animals. Difficult it is necessary not only to koalas, all who cannot escape from fire perish. However koalas behave not absolutely usually in this situation — koalas hide from fire in the favourite thickets of an eucalyptus. And as trees, an opportunity to die at koalas much above, than at other animals burn.

Scientists connect such behavior with decreased as a result of evolution, brain volume, that is koalas cannot just think that it is necessary to escape, but without sitting on eucalyptus branches. Very sadly, when you understand that koalas, it is such small ridiculous children in gray fur coats which just do not understand what needs to be done to escape.

Natural area of koalas — east and South Australia and also coastal areas of the continent as the high humidity is necessary for this animals, they practically do not drink in that sense as we got used to understand it. Moisture of a koala is received from leaves of an eucalyptus and from dew which on them is formed. In food they choose strictly certain grades of an eucalyptus, distinguishing them on a smell, all other species of a tree can bring death to these pseudo-bears.

At the beginning of the 20th century hunted these lovely children because of their fur, thus the most part of population in South Australia was destroyed, then hunting was forbidden and even began to be protected.  

The mistake in classification is to call them bears. The closest relatives of koalas are wombats. If to look narrowly at these brothers, then it is easily possible to find common features in appearance.

These are animal marsupials. Kids at them are born in 30-35 days after conception, newborns weigh only about 5.5 g. The first 6 months they do not leave a mother's bag, eating milk, and then 6 more months travel, having hooked by pads for dense wool of the mother. What is characteristic, males remain with mothers sometimes twice longer, than females.

It is remarkable that koalas, as well as at primacies, have a papillary pattern on fingertips. And one more feature of the structure of extremities — the opposed fingers. It gives to gait some absurd, but you should not forget that koalas carry out the most part of life on trees and, exactly thanks to such structure of paws, can easily move on branches of trees.

Koalas have no natural enemies, they are attacked occasionally only by the run wild dogs or a dingo. Also koalas can fight among themselves, especially during reproduction. Males fight generally, females are more peaceful, they just avoid each other, such here introverts among mammals.

Judging by the latest news, the fires in the majority of areas are put already out, rescuers dump carrots and sweet potato for injured animals, and for koalas are created the camp where they are fed and treated. And from it it is just good at heart, it is always pleasant when at the end of some heavy movie adults come, save from a trouble, take the crying kids on hands, calm, feed and heal all wounds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team