As turtles breathe

As turtles breathe

Turtles are the popular pets having interesting appearance and unpretentious. They are so not similar to other animals that some owners sometimes ask a question as their favourites breathe.


1. In structure the respiratory system of a turtle not too differ from other animals. They have well developed lungs by means of which they inhale and exhale air. But at the same time turtles have no thorax. They breathe not thanks to a convergence and a divergence of edges as it is interfered by an armor, and using the bunches of muscles going to a plastron from a humeral and pelvic belt and also dorsal and ventral muscles which are located on edge of an armor. Leads the movements of these muscles to change of volume of a cavity of a body – to reduction or increase and, therefore, and to change of volume of lungs therefore there is a breath or an exhalation.

2. On the front end of the head of a turtle external nostrils by means of which she also inhales air are located. Then it gets into a mouth where the internal nostrils-hoany adjoining a guttural crack have an exit. Air gets into tracheas, then into bronchial tubes, and from there into lungs.

3. Turtles have no gills therefore they cannot breathe the oxygen dissolved in water. Air is necessary for both water, and overland animals for normal activity. Here only breath of turtles at all not same intensive, as at people. The overland turtle in the period of activity takes only 4-6 breaths a minute. Water and that is more rare, it can emerge on a surface to take a sip air only once twenty minutes. During hibernation when metabolism of animals slows down, the need for oxygen at them considerably decreases.

4. During evolution of a turtle received some very original devices facilitating breath process. For example, spineless turtles not only breathe by means of lungs, but also are capable to acquire a part of oxygen through skin. And at the turtles living in fresh water, a part of gas exchange occurs in the anal bags opening in a foul place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team