As well as why the dog should clean ears

As well as why the dog should clean ears

As there is a wish that our four-footed favourites were always cheerful, joyful and healthy. And ears for a dog - the major body, for it the main thing - hearing. The hygiene of auricles of your pet should pay special attention.

We clean ears  

From time to time it is necessary to check a condition of auricles of a dog. In them releases of sulfur are postponed, dust sticks to them, as a result the ear becomes dirty. Especially relevant it at dogs with trailing ears. 

Very important during this procedure not to frighten an animal, not to hurt it. In what pose there will be a dog during cleaning, does not matter if only to it and the owner it was comfortable. It is the simplest to put a dog so that his muzzle lay on a lap.

The tender voice of the owner, stroking will calm a dog, and she will not resist this, not too pleasant, the procedure.

Upon termination of cleaning it is necessary to praise a dog, to give delicacy.

Than it is better to clean ears

Hydrogen peroxide (and the more so vinegar) for cleaning of dog ears should not be used as gentle skin of auricles can be burned. It is the best of all to use special lotion which can easily be bought in any pet-shop.

To apply a small amount of lotion on a cotton pad and to accurately wipe an ear from within, not too going deep into acoustical pass. After that it is necessary to massage ears of a dog and to wait, still sulfur and dirt will be softened. Then absolutely to remove dirt with a special napkin for cleaning of ears (they are on sale in pet-shop too).

It is necessary to purge ears in process of pollution, but it is not too frequent. A small amount of sulfur and skin fat are necessary, you should not scrape out an auricle daily.

Otodektoz at dogs  

If the dog often shakes the head and furiously scratches an ear, combing it till it bleeds in any couples it is impossible to disregard these obvious symptoms of an otodektoz - infection with an ear tick who causes ear itch. 

It is necessary to show a dog to the veterinarian to make the exact diagnosis. It is impossible to postpone treatment, started otodektoz can cause heavy complications, up to the death of an animal.

Before applying the medicine appointed by the doctor it is necessary to wash an auricle with lotion again, to remove all dirt from an ear and only then to dig the necessary amount of medicine. 

Do not release a dog right after the procedure, it will immediately be stirred up and all medicine will take off away. Still some time take the pet, massage to it ears that medicine was well absorbed.

It is usually enough to dig medicine once to kill an infecting agent, but, unfortunately, not all medicines affect eggs of ear pincers so approximately in a week when new pincers otroditsya, it is necessary to repeat the procedure in the same sequence.

The owner of a dog should remember that otodektoz - a disease infectious if in the house several dogs or cats, then they for prevention need to process ears too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team