At what animals, fishes and birds the best sight

At what animals, fishes and birds the best sight

Without any doubt, at animals the sense organs are developed much better, than at people. While at some representatives of fauna the hearing is perfectly developed, others can brag of magnificent sight and faultless sense of smell. In the world the beings having surprisingly acute eyesight are recognized as one of the most unique animals.

Surprising cat's sight

Cats are typical night predators. They need to use all the sense organs for fruitful hunting as much as possible. "Business card" of one and all cats is their unique night sight. The cat's pupil can extend up to 14 mm, passing a huge light bunch in an eye. It allows them to see perfectly in darkness. Besides, a cat's eye, like the Moon, reflects light: the luminescence of cat's eyes in the dark is explained by it.

All-seeing pigeon

Pigeons have surprising feature in visual perception of the world around. Their viewing angle makes 340 lakes. These birds see the objects located at much bigger distance than they are seen by the person. For this reason at the end of the 20th century the US Coast Guard used pigeons in search and rescue operations. The acute pigeon eyesight allows these birds to distinguish perfectly objects at distance of 3 km. As the faultless sight is a prerogative mainly of predators, pigeons are one of the most sharp-sighted peace birds on the planet.

Falcon sight – the most sharp-sighted in the world!

The bird of prey a falcon is recognized as the most sharp-sighted animal in the world. These feathery creations can trace small mammals (voles, mice, gophers) from huge heights and at the same time to see everything that occurs at them on each side and in front. According to estimates of experts, the most sharp-sighted bird in the world is the falcon Sapsan capable to notice a small vole from height to 8 km!

Fishes too not a miss!

Among the fishes having great sight inhabitants of depths especially differ. It both sharks, and moray eels, and anglers. They are capable to see in outer darkness. It occurs because density of placement of sticks in a retina at such fishes reaches 25 million / sq. mm. And it in 100 times more, than at people.

Horse sight

Horses see the world surrounding them by means of peripheral sight as their eyes are located the heads on each side. However it does not prevent horses to have the viewing angle equal to 350 lakes at all. If the horse raises the head up, then her sight will approach spherical.

High-speed flies

It is proved that flies possess the most high-speed visual reaction in the world. Besides, flies see five times faster than the person: the frame rate at them is 300 images per minute while the person has only 24 frames a minute. Scientists from Cambridge claim that photoreceptors on a retina of mushiny eyes can physically be reduced.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team