Bird spider of the house: pros and cons

Bird spider of the house: pros and cons

Pets can be different. If decided to get a bird spider, it is worth learning about features of keeping of the exotic pet in more detail. What pluses and minuses of life with arachnoid?

When we speak "pet", usually we mean someone who can be stroked. It runs on all apartment or lives in a cage. But there are still interior animals, for example, bird spiders.

— Doubtful pet! — you will tell. Also you will be partly right.

— Peculiar. — will answer you - But with it it is not necessary to walk, it will not tear a sofa and wall-paper.

Features of leaving

The spider is unpretentious in leaving. Everything that it is necessary for it:

  • Small terrarium. If to issue it with taste, it will become ornament and an exotic highlight of an interior
  • It is a little place. The ideal pet for the small room
  • Simple terrarium without lighting and the difficult equipment
  • Periodic feeding. Time in two-three weeks is enough to feed a spider. It depends on age and the size. 

But there is a feature — bird spiders eat only a live forage. They see only moving objects. A live Madagascar cockroach or a banana cricket — here the best delicacies for the exotic pet. At the same time the hunger strike in two-three months to him will not damage. The main thing is to provide the pet with clear water.  

Choosing a terrarium, pay attention to such moments:

  • if a spider of land dwelling, then a terrarium horizontal, if wood — vertical. Respectively for some types there has to be a shelter on the earth (coco shell, a ceramic figure), for others — a snag with bark and a moss
  • the area of a terrarium has to be twice more scope of legs of a spider. At the same time do not forget that the spider grows. It is necessary to replace several times "apartment" of the pet in process of his growth. At once you should not buy a big terrarium — in too spacious dwelling to a spider it will be uncomfortable - it is beings reserved.

Spiders do not smell, from them there is no waste. It is necessary to remove the remains of the eaten insects only. A laying it is periodically necessary to spray and watch that it did not grow mouldy.

If you have to leave, say, for a week, just feed the pet and leave to him pure. He will not miss. He will not even notice that there is nobody nearby. But longer, than it is two weeks better not to leave.

In process of growth the spider fades — is exempted from a skin which to it became small. It is very interesting to watch it! The bird spider spins to himself small "blanket" from a web on which then will lay down a paunch up. For the period from two weeks to two months to a molt, the adult pet ceases to eat. If in a terrarium there was a live fodder insect — surely transplant. It can do much harm to a defenseless spider or even to kill him. The spider is more senior, the less often fades. Young spiders change "coat" on average each 2-4 weeks.

By the way, females of bird spiders live 15 years! Males - 3-4 years.

Whether the spider of the house is safe

Spider — the pet with features. Before purchase study the profile websites and forums. Ask questions to the manufacturer or the seller. The more you will know about it, the derive more pleasure from the maintenance of an arthropod of handsome.

Whether bird spiders are poisonous?

All bird spiders are poisonous therefore just do not put fingers in a terrarium. And during cleaning use long tweezers.

You have to know for sure what species of a bird spider at you. Types, in addition, differ also with poison force. The your favourite is more poisonous, the more seriously treat safety measures.

Spiders extremely seldom bite. Generally at danger they run away and hide. Can dump hairs on the enemy. It is very unpleasant — the struck place will scratch several hours. But it is not deadly.

And if children?

If at home small children, put a terrarium above. Explain to the child that this wild being and it is impossible to iron him.

Here what is told by arakhnokiper with experience:


— How many years does the spider live with you?

— 4 years.

— Whether there are houses children?

— Is, one child, 2 years.

— What do they think of the pet? Fingers to him do not put?

— At first, when the child only explored the territory, knocked on an aquarium. Then interest was gone, the daughter just knows that there lives a spider. Is very cautious though did not frighten by a spider. And sometimes even asks us to give to a female spider one of the toys that did not miss 

— Whether there are still animal houses? What do they think of a spider?

— There is a cat. At first after appearance of a spider, he showed to it purely research interest: sat at an aquarium and observed. Did not try to get.


— How many years does the spider live with you?

— 1.5 years.

— Whether there are houses children?

— There is one to put, 7 years.

— What do they think of the pet? Fingers to him do not put?

— Belong perfectly, fingers put, but is accurate, with skill.

— Whether there are still animal houses? What do they think of a spider?

— Periodically there live the Madagascar cockroaches. Not for long. Are negative to a spider.

To whom will suit

Bird spider — the ideal inhabitant of the city apartment with busy owners. It does not need your attention at all. Leaving is minimized.

If you are not stopped by the fact that the spider should be fed with live insects, then safely you bring the exotic pet.

Approach with due consideration registration of a terrarium and it will become the brightest accent of your interior!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team