Breeds of large dogs

Breeds of large dogs

It is heavy to keep large dogs in city apartments, they need a lot of food, and life term at them is shorter, than at their decorative fellows. Nevertheless, all this is paid back with interest by good-natured character, excellent working qualities and devotion to people of giant dogs. It is no wonder that so many people prefer to see them as pets.

German mastiff

The German mastiff is the most tall breed of dog. The representative of this breed from Michigan by nickname Zeus became the champion. Its height in withers is 112 centimeters. If Zeus rises by hinder legs, his growth will be 2.2 meters. Despite so impressive sizes, the German mastiffs are elegant and well built dogs. They are tender and betrayed to the owner and members of his family.

St. BernardThe St. Bernard is from the Italian and Swiss Alps where his ancestors were used as dogs rescuers, helping to find victims of a descent of avalanches. These are the powerful dogs reaching in height of 80-90 centimeters and whose weight exceeds centner. And the St. Bernard by nickname Benediktin became the heaviest dog in the world. Its weight reached 166.5 kilograms. St. Bernards are the real giants and heavyweights, however in family it is the gentle and sensitive pet. It is recommended to families in which there are small children as well well-mannered dogs good-natured take down all tricks of kids to get St. Bernards.

Newfoundland dogNewfoundland dog is a huge shaggy dog. On average representatives of this breed reach 65-75 centimeters in withers and 50-70 kilograms weigh though also dogs weighing 90 kilograms met. Newfoundland dogs great swimmers, can be also used as dogs rescuers. These are strong, but at the same time incredibly tender pets. Newfoundland dogs perfectly give in to training and at the same time have well developed intelligence and are capable to make decisions independently.


Alabay or the Central Asian sheep-dog – the ancient breed of dog is from Central Asia. Their height fluctuates within 65-75 centimeters, and weight can reach 80 kilograms. Alabay – the strong dog intended for protection of territories. Despite external slowness, it is an active dog with explosive character and excellent reaction that makes him irreplaceable for execution of security and guard duty.

Neapolitan mastiff

The Neapolitan mastiff is another huge softie. Its weight can reach 70 kilograms, and height in withers fluctuates ranging from 60 up to 80 centimeters. A mastiff – a strong dog with a strong constitution and folds of skin around paws, a neck and a muzzle. Initially mastiffs were brought as sentry dogs, and they perfectly cope to this day with this task. In a circle of members of household they behave appeasably and adore participating in active games.

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