Campaign with a dog: pluses and minuses

Campaign with a dog: pluses and minuses

For many people of a dog lost the status of the chain watchman, having become the true loyal friends and family members. Therefore, gathering in a campaign, many dog breeders think of, whether they should take the favourite. On the one hand, there is a wish to share with the friend joy of reunion with the nature, and with another - it is terrible that the dog will bring many problems.

Before making the decision, to take a dog or to leave at home, it is recommended to consult with the veterinarian. Especially, if the long campaign is planned for 1-2 weeks. The veterinarian will estimate the state of health of a dog and will make all necessary recommendations, including about food in a campaign. 

If the veterinarian issued the conclusion that the pet is healthy and able to sustain loadings long physically, then before making the final decision, it should be taken into account pluses and minuses of a joint campaign. 

Campaign pluses with a dog 

  • It is not necessary to look for that with whom to leave a dog. Not all owners of dogs have close friends or relatives ready with pleasure to receive the shaggy guest. And stay in hotels for animals, first, is very expensive, and secondly, can cause a severe stress which has negative effect on health in a dog. Paid overexposures though give the chance to pets to live in more house conditions, but do not exclude the inadequate address. 
  • Positive influence of long physical activities on health of a dog. The multi-day campaign gives the chance to the pet freely to run, study new smells, to roll in a grass, etc. After such active walking the dogs, usually, have no forces on a dirty trick therefore, on return home, within several days they happy will sleep like the dead. 
  • An opportunity to visit to a dog elements, habitual for it. Dogs, even living in big and noisy megalopolises, always feel harmoniously outdoors. They do not need special preparation in the form of equipment and instructions on safe behavior. They appear in the habitat, know how to behave, and can independently see dangers. Though there are exceptions. 
  • Strengthening of communication between the owner and his pet. In everyday life not always the person manages to spend several days in a row in close communication with the pet. The campaign gives the chance together to enjoy the nature, to study the area, to be heated at a fire or to sleep in an embrace in one tent. All this leads to improvement of relationship and strengthening of trust to each other. 
  • The dog can become the personal assistant in a campaign. Some skilled tourists dog breeders use the pets as assistants. For example, put on them a special backpack and shift a part of cargo there. To someone dogs help to rise to mountains by means of a special breast-band and a lead. But for this purpose only dogs of large and hardy breeds approach. 

Minuses of campaigns with dogs

  • Unpredictable behavior of a dog. In marching conditions from a surplus of emotions and hyperactivity even the obedient dog can begin to behave badly: to oblaivat all counter tourists, to send birds and protein, to steal someone else's food, to cease to react to teams. Therefore it is important to stock up with patience and to be ready to everything. 
  • Difficulties when transporting to the place of start. If it is necessary to reach a point of start by public transport, then there can be problems with transportation of a dog. Some transport workers demand that the dog was transported in special carryings. And it is excess cargo in already heavy backpack. 
  • Problems with food of a dog in campaigns. To take forages for a dog for couple of days not so difficult. And here for a week - another matter. Besides, fans of natural food should puzzle long over that as well as in what look they should bear with themselves week reserved meat and an offal for a dog. 
  • Need to help a dog to overcome obstacles. Not all dogs can pass a stream into the ford or on the thin bridge, jump through a boulder or get on the rock. Therefore the owner should be helped that will involve additional physical costs. Therefore it is worth not to forgetting about it and to count the forces. 
  • Need to transfer a dog on hands. Some dogs of small breeds even if they are too active in life, not always cope with long physical activities. Therefore owners, during long campaigns, should transfer them on hands, or in special baby slings or backpacks. 
  • Not all participants of a campaign can take with pleasure in the team of the shaggy companion. Someone is afraid of dogs, someone has an allergy, and someone just does not love them. If at least one participant of group against a dog in a campaign, then is better to leave it at home. The increased physical activities and the saved-up fatigue will strengthen discontent that will lead to the conflict in group. 

If the owner nevertheless decided to take a dog in a campaign, then it is recommended to begin to train a dog some days before start. For example, to try to pass during walks the increasing distance each time or to go with her on long walk to the forest or in the field, to organize a picnic outdoors. So the owner will be able to estimate her physical capacities and to analyze behavior that will allow to make the final decision.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team