Care for paws of a dog

Care for paws of a dog

Paw care - important aspect of care of health of a dog. The correct leaving will help to minimize influence of such negative factors of the environment as reagents, a bad paving, the splinters harmful to liquid, etc. How it is correct to look after paws of dogs?

What will be care for paws of a dog, depends on season and the place of residence. The dogs living in the city area are more subject to unpleasant factors. In the large cities in the winter of the road strew with reagents which corrode an integument of small pillows of paws. In rural areas the dog can be wounded with a prickle, unstitch a small pillow a sharp stone. Dogs can not always show that feel pain. Therefore important regularly to examine small pillows of paws of dogs, to delete excess wool, to cut claws and also periodically to moisturize the skin. 

Hairstyle of claws 

At some dogs the claws grind off in the natural way. But to the majority of dogs, especially that who leads low-active lifestyle requires to cut them regularly. Long claws prevent a dog to move why their gait changes. Further it can lead to serious diseases of joints. Besides, the grown claws can stick into small pillows of paws, causing to a dog severe pain. 

It is necessary to cut claws in process of growth, about 1 times in 2 weeks. It is important to try not to damage a pulp as it hurts a dog and can cause fear of a hairstyle of claws. If the blood vessel nevertheless was injured, then it is necessary to process a claw antiseptic (hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate solution, iodine, brilliant green) and to protect it from hit of moisture and dirt. For example, it is possible to put on a special protective rubber cap or to stick a claw with a bactericidal plaster. 

Wool hairstyle on paws 

Long wool between fingers and small pillows of paws contributes to education and the development of a fungus because of the increased humidity in these parts. Also during the winter period it promotes sticking of snow and formation of the lumps preventing a dog to move, and clings all prickles lying on the way in the summer. Therefore it is recommended to shear this wool accurately. 

The wool hairstyle on paws not only saves from emergence of above-mentioned problems, but also does appearance of paws accurater and more esthetic, facilitates their washing and a hairstyle of claws. 

Clarification and moistening 

In some the grooming studios is service under the name "complex lapakyur". It includes manicure and a pedicure for dogs with drawing on small pillows of paws of various moisturizing balms and protective creams. But it is not obligatory for owner of a dog to bring the pet to salon as it is possible to look after qualitatively paws of dogs and at home. 

After each walk it is necessary to wash paws water of room temperature. In the winter to wash away reagents, it is recommended to use special paw soap. 

After washing of a paw it is recommended to dry carefully, and then to apply on them the special moisturizing cream, balm or vaseline. It promotes education on a small pillow of a paw of a special protective layer. During the winter period of time to protect paws from reagents, it is possible to use special wax for paws or to put on to a dog boots. 

The dog is ready to accompany the owner always and everywhere: and on walk on the park, and in a long hike. That at the same time she did not feel discomfort, it is necessary to watch her paws and it is correct to look after them. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team