Caress - a pet

Caress - a pet

Caress – a small predatory small animal. He is considered one of the most dangerous enemies of pets in the nature. Life expectancy of caress at liberty – about 5 years, in house conditions longer – up to 8 years.


Caress body length small – from 10 to 24 cm, the weight from 50 to 100 g. It is possible to meet a small animal in North America, Northern Asia, Europe. The caress excellently was proved in fields, lowlands, mountains and zones of the wood. As a rule, she lodges in the hollows located not too highly from the Earth's surface in blockages of stones and holes. Caress – quite frequent guest of settlements. Exactly there the small animal has an opportunity to profit something tasty.The neck bottom, breast and stomach of caress are painted in snow-white color. At the same time the top of a body has a color brown and chocolate. Fur of this predator dense and short. Long slender fingers are located on short paws of caress. It should be noted that at this predator very sharp claws. Short tail. The head extended is also gradually pointed to a nose. The rounded-off ears, a small nose, dark big eyes. The neck is very brawny and wide. At caress the sense of smell, hearing and sight are excellently developed. In the nature each individual has the territory. Quite often it reaches up to 10 hectares. The predator leads exclusively single life. In search of livelihood per day can run about 2 km. Perfectly is able to float and is not afraid of water. The caress perfectly climbs trees. In a word, cunning, clever, aggressive, impudent and resourceful. The activity of life shows both in the afternoon, and at night. Gives preferences in hunting mostly to night-time. Moves mainly jumps. Caress small animals, especially baby birds, moles, rats and mice are afraid. Also she eats eggs of birds. By the way, it is the main food of caress. Quite often the predator can regale on snakes, lizards or frogs. Despite courage and impudent nature, at caress there are a lot of enemies in the nature – birds of prey, a sable, wolves and foxes. More often the caress is got as a pet. It is worth remembering that in appearance the lovely and gentle creature has rather rigid and impudent character.

How to hold caress of the house

Today to surprise with exotic among pets rather difficult. Happened even that the lion or a crocodile acted as the pet in the apartment. Caress – an animal who is almost forgotten now. Though not so long ago this small animal was rather widespread in houses of Europeans. On caress the same functions, as now were assigned to cats. This animal perfectly caught rats and mice. In food the caress is not especially whimsical. With dexterity can take away a lunch from a neighbour's dog. The caress excellently adapts to house contents. But without effort and quickly it will not be possible to receive the faithful and devoted pet. For this purpose it is necessary to work well, it is very biting and nervous animal. It is desirable to take caress in the house a little cub. But in this case there can be problems with feeding. At this age they are extremely exacting. For this reason in most cases animals are taken already in an adult state from wildlife. Consider: eggs, clear water and quality fresh meat always have to be in a caress diet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team