Cats of breed Devon-rex: descendants of fantastic elves

Cats of breed Devon-rex: descendants of fantastic elves

Owners of the big expressive eyes and the huge, low put ears, in a form reminding wings of a butterfly, cat of breed Devon-rex an outline of a muzzle remind bats or fantastic elves. Admirers of series with confidence can tell about Harry Potter that devona the exact copy of a piksa – the crafty blue elf from old English fairy tales. Koty-devony on character so ozorna are also capable of unpredictable actions that forces their owners to stock up with an enviable share of patience and uncommon sense of humour.

Devon – the cat breed which is not removed artificially. The legend of their origin says: the first devonchik were found in abandoned mines of the County of Devonshire in England. The local woods and underground caves according to national legends were a shelter of gnomes, trolls, elves. Than not confirmation of fantastic essence of these unusual cats?

Other distinctive feature of this breed is that wool their not the straight line, and has curls curlies. Such feature of a cover at animals is called a reksovy mutation. Some breeds of rabbits, domestic rodents and, respectively, cats are subject to it. It is interesting that when crossing devon with cats of breed kornish-rex, also having curly wool, kittens are born pryamosherstny.

Manufacturers and owners of devon find similarity of this in the apartment, opening the pads any locks and latches, makes it similar to a naughty monkey.

On the nature of a devona are very playful, capable to occupy for hours themselves, inventing new classes and entertainments. As toys for them any things which caught sight to them can serve. It is not so simple to select the subject which attracted to Devon for games – the cat will desperately protect the wealth dissatisfied growl.

Other hobby of devonchik – is convenient to be located on a body of the owner. If the family contains several representatives of this cat breed, then it is quite often possible to see how several devon literally attack the owner, sitting on his shoulders, hands, knees. At the same time animals behave friendly on the relation to each other, without jealousy and offenses.

Devon-reksov in the apartment is one more important advantage of contents also the fact that these cats do not fade and their wool has no characteristic "cat's" smell. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team