Cats of breed my kuna

Cats of breed my kuna

Maine Coon – one of the largest domestic cats. Representatives of this breed are usually clever, tender, quiet and friendly. Cats Maine Coons like to play with other animals and with children.

Maine Coon, or the Manx enotovy cat – a great choice for fans of the cats preferring beautiful rare breeds of pets. The Maine Coon resembles a cane cat, however character it more house and peaceful superficially. She perfectly gets on with children and also other animals, such as dogs or even small rodents. The cat of this breed is clever, playful, easily trained. Behind it the special difficult care is not required that is very convenient.

External features

The appearance of a Maine Coon is extraordinary – smooth wool on a front part of a body, and the tail and a back part of a body are covered with long wool, as at the Persian cats. At some representatives small brushes on ears are observed. One of distinctive features of cats – a voice pleasant, silent, peculiar only to this breed.

The cat a Maine Coon – an incarnate dream for those who always dreamed to have the real room tiger or a snow leopard, but would hesitate to endanger himself and the relatives. These are some of the largest domestic cats. Length of their body exceeds meter, and weight can reach 15 kilograms.

Character and habits

It is interesting that despite the frightening sizes, these cats differ in surprisingly gentle disposition, they are very tender and affectionate, like to play with children and to lie down on pillows. Usually already in the nurseries which are engaged in cultivation of representatives of the cat family they are accustomed to a claw sharpener so problems with the scratched wall-paper do not happen. Being natives of places with severe climatic conditions, these cats like to sleep in inconvenient, apparently, places or in an unusual pose. Maine Coons are excellent hunters. Without touching your domestic rodents, they will catch all mice and rats if those are found in the house and cause inconvenience. Also they are well accustomed to various tricks as they are very playful and active at heart. It is desirable to have the extensive area for the quick pet. However and at home the fluffy friend will perfectly feel, having excellent adaptive abilities and quiet, unpretentious, timid temper. He is delicate and accurate, despite mobility – run and jumps of the ten-kilogram favourite do not do harm to a house situation. Unlike the majority of cats, the Maine Coon does not love narrow spaces and does not get into various boxes and on shelves. By the way the Maine Coon very much becomes attached to the owners, but is wary of foreign people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team