Cats: truth and lie

Cats: truth and lie

Already many hundreds of years with us under one side live fluffy favourites. Whether but all that we about them know is the truth?

There is an opinion that cats are very sensitive and can do dirt to spite of the owner where it will want them. It is a lie. Cats change the place of the toilet because can test a stressful situation. It can be: repair in the apartment, human quarrels, the shift of furniture, arrival of the stranger to the house or a disease connected with kidneys.

Many think: the animal is more fat, the it is happier. It's not true. On the contrary, if the cat begins to gain weight is a serious occasion to address the veterinarian. Most likely, your pet just is ill. A set of excess weight can lead to diabetes, obesity, diseases of vessels and hearts and to other troubles. In some countries such negligent treatment of an animal is punished by fines and even imprisonment for several months.

Cat, jumping from any height, always lands on four paws and it absolutely not painfully. It is a lie. Of course, they perfectly are able to redistribute the weight during falling, but it does not say that absolutely not painfully to do it to them. Many animals after such jumps broke bones and even died.

If to castrate a cat, he will become lazy. It is a lie. The pet even after such operation will sleep so much how many and always. The dream can take 15-18 hours a day. You should not worry – it is normal for a healthy animal.

Cats perfectly see at the night as well as in the afternoon. It is not absolutely right. Actually, cats, of course, much better than people see in the dark, but they have problems with sight too. Animals who have a far-sightedness can not see a mouse at themselves near by until she tries to escape. In the dark they rely one sense of smell more.

When the pet begins to lick himself – it does not mean at all that he is cleaned. Perhaps, he just diligently thinks of something or is before the choice. Of course, licking of wool serves also for washing.

March is a month when cats begin to shout. It is not the truth. Irrespective of season, animals do not stop this occupation. By means of shout they draw to themselves attention of owners, divide the territory and look for the partner. Why March is the most active month in a year? Just there occur warming and people begin to expose windows and to open window leaves, thereby allow the favourites to gather.

The most evil cat breed is considered Siamese. It at all not so, just this breed is most active and emotional in comparison with others.

Dog and cat – the worst enemies. Of course, it not so. All representatives of dumb animals to the first meeting behave uncertainly. However if the cat and a dog live in one house, they perfectly coexist with each other. And if they get acquainted at absolutely early age, then will become the best friends.

Before sterilizing a cat, it is necessary to give a chance to her to be poured. Lie. If you do not want to get more cats, then it is not obligatory to do at all. The reproduction instinct at animals is put by the nature if not to allow it "to wake up", then your cat will know nothing about it.

Cats can recover. Of course, it is a lie. They cannot cure serious diseases. Nevertheless it is necessary to show an animal to the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team