Chinese crested dog: standards of breed

Chinese crested dog: standards of breed

The Chinese crested dog – a cheerful and mobile little animal. Characteristic is wool presence only on certain parts of the body. This is a hypoallergenic dog.

Structure of the head of the Chinese crested dog

Dogs have the size in withers from 28 to 33 cm, boughs – from 23 to 30 cm. Weight meets different, but it should not exceed 5 kg. The head extended, a skull has a little rounded shape. Expression of eyes – alerted. Cheekbones at this dog equal and narrow, transition from a forehead to a muzzle is expressed moderately. The muzzle is slightly narrowed, but not pointed, salivation is not characteristic. The lobe of a nose can have any color, lips thin.

Dark eyes, seem absolutely black, are placed widely. Ears are put low, at the edges there can be a fringe from wool. Strong jaws with a nozhnitseobrazny bite, on a neck there should not be folds. The long neck, curved, passes into strong shoulders. Shoulders narrow, long also cost extremities directly under a body. Elbows are located close to a trunk, fingers are not twisted.

Structure of a body

Body the thorax wide but not barrel-shaped has average length, edges do not stick out. The belt tightened. Hips possess the developed muscles, have rounded shape. The Skakatelny joint is lowered low, back extremities stand widely. Equal back. Paws so-called "hare": narrow and long, with the extended bones between joints. It creates illusion of existence of an additional joint in fingers. Any color of claws is allowed. The tail rushes highly, is raised at the movement, the end of a host can form a smooth bend. By the end the tail is a little narrowed, without being bent on any party. At rest the tail is quietly lowered. Movements of a body of this dog very smooth and free, vigorous.

Wool and pigmentation

The wool cover is available only on paws, the head and a tail. However, there is also a down kind of this breed. The Chinese crested dog does not fade and does not exude a smell, characteristic of dogs. Skin soft and gentle, nice on the touch therefore these dogs are used for so-called "pet-therapy". It is considered that the touch to naked skin of these dogs has multilateral therapeutic effect, reduces stress. Also it is good sedative at a headache, gastric pains, asthma, rheumatism. The color of wool can be any, monophonic or with inclusions of other color. Naked skin of the Chinese crested sunbathes in the sun, changing the shade. It can be blue, steel, honey on color. Sometimes color of wool sites and skin changes with age, but the nose lobe is always in harmony with a color. Pigmentation can be absent a century partially or completely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team